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Turning Garbage into Gas

I’m far from being an engineer, but to my untrained eye this looks interesting. "In a matter of months" the invention featured in the video below, created by Bulgarian scientists, might be in production — a household-scaled incinerator that can turn most household waste into usable gas. I’d hate to see people turning their waste biomass into gas (as you see in the video), but it’d be interesting to watch progress on this development for taking care of other household waste. More info here.

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  1. This is nothing new. There are lots of systems, from small to large, that employ this. The plasma gasification is relatively new from a commercial perspective but, even at that, there are a few plants being proposed or already being constructed. I believe there’s one in Cargill that’s been under construction for the past few months.

    Definitely a game changer though, and long overdue its day.

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