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Worldwide Permaculture Network Helps Projects Network and Prosper

Get yourself (and your project) onto the permaculture map!

I just wanted to share one of many expressions of gratitude we’ve received for our building and making the Worldwide Permaculture Network, launched a year ago, available to the world’s permaculturists.

Dear Geoff and team,

I am writing to advise you about an ambitious new permaculture project we are starting up in Bali this year. I have already posted a full Project Profile on, under the heading Bukit Peninsula Sustainability Project. We have already attracted quite a bit of interest directly from that site, and have volunteers from around the world making their way to Bali to assist us at the end of this month.

I’d like to thank you for making the above website available to projects like ours for free — it has proven an excellent way of publicizing it and attracting interest.

The comment above, and many others like it, tells me that permaculturists are appreciating and benefitting from the purpose behind this system — that purpose being so they can find each other with the goal of sharing inspiration, advice, support and resources and even marketing their permaculture services, so we can begin to grow the new economy.

If your project (whether that be your urban or balcony garden, your permaculture commercial venture or your educational and/or aid project, etc.) is not already in the system, then why not sign up, and after completing your personal profile, you can go to the Projects section and click on ‘Add your project’!

And don’t forget — if you make regular updates under your project’s profile — sharing your challenges, successes and your learning curve — you’ll bring even more attention to what you’re doing, and attract ‘followers’, many of whom can offer helpful suggestions and more.


  1. The most useful communication tool ever created in the permaculture movement, well done evreybody for realizing our potential.

  2. Presently developing a permaculture project in Bangalore, India, along with the professionals from Panya project. This site is being developed for the Art of Living foundation an international humanitarian organization as a demonstration and teaching centre.

    We invite professionals, volunteers and permaculture students to visit our site to collaborate with this project to make it a permaculture learning centre for Indian farmers.

    This who are interested may contact me at vdharmraj (at)

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