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Permaculture to the White House – Please Take Three Seconds to Vote!

Further to the last post on our UMass Amherst Permaculture project potentially being spotlighted by the White House and MTV, here’s the latest — we were leading the race but another project unexpectedly gained 20,000 votes today and has taken over first place due to their project being featured in USA Today. We are thus making a big final push to get permaculture back on top and I think we can do it!

Please take three seconds to vote here — make your vote for "UMASS Amherst Permaculture Initiative – Ryan Harb, University of Massachusetts at Amherst"

Please also note:

  • Despite what the page says about first creating an account — you can vote without doing that. You actually only need to click on the ‘Vote’ button next to "UMASS Amherst Permaculture Initiative – Ryan Harb, University of Massachusetts at Amherst" on this page, enter an email address, check the box for agreeing to terms, and click on ‘3 votes’. It literally just takes a few seconds!
  • It doesn’t matter where you live in the world.
  • Please share this post with others and you will be truly helping co-create the sustainable world that we all envision.
  • Please post the link on your Facebook wall.
  • If you have twitter please tweet "UMass Amherst Permaculture Initiative to @JonCarson44"

This is an amazing opportunity to bring permaculture to a whole new audience and truly create a huge positive ripple effect in the world! We have only one day left to tally as many votes as we can — voting ends Saturday, March 3 at 11:59PM EST.

Help us take permaculture to the White House and get it featured on MTV’s program “The Deans List” which reaches 9 million viewers.


  1. Permaculture reiterates the importance of pattern recognition as a means to saving energy. As the movement approaches the philosophical frontline, the redundant fact that anything government invests in increases the price will become apparent to people desiring credit (fiat currency) in all the inflationary terms (debt, grants, subsidies, & mandates). Soliciting the idea of permaculture to the federal government and a corporation who has lost touch with its initial momentum (MTV) of creativity is wasting timonergy (time, money, & energy) of the permaculturists that have already foreseen and stacked this function. However, we aren’t dwelling on this… it’s just a cost!

  2. YES! THank You for posting this! I was just coming over here to encourage everyone to vote-this is HUGE because Permaculture is somewhat marginalized as “hippie” in the US.

    There’s only 24 hours left, and we’re only 4,000 votes ahead, it’s been jumping up pretty fast, so please vote, and please share on your facebook page/groups with other permies!!!

    GO UMass Amherst!!

  3. What Louis Bromfield and his Malabar Farm in Ohio, USA introduced to me in the 1950s; that P A Yoeman and his chisel plough and the Yoeman Plan illustrated at “Nevallan” near Richmond in NSW Australia, all went into the efforts to restore “Togs Place” at Yandoit, Victoria, Australia. This happened under the encouraging eye of Professor John S. Turner, the Founder of the Botany School of Melbourne University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Before Bill Mollison then came to visit “Bergamo”at Yandoit and his comments made me realise that Permaculture was the one word description and is ‘The way’ for mankind to work with nature for the future of our world today. That is the ‘Today’ that all our descendants will thank in their reflections, just as our forbears were trying to do but needed the resources that Ferguson and the following creators of mechanised assistance that is now enabling the reducing use of Chemicals that Mother Nature does not need for her successful management of the natural environment, that the White House must salute with their sign of approval to help all future land developers worldwide, to respect Nature that will then gladly respect Mankind, thanks to those that run Permaculture that has Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton at the ‘helm’today. I ‘dips me lid’ to yee Gentlemen.

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