Glocal Transition Forum, Nerang (March 10, 2012)

Geoff Lawton and others will be participating in a short forum in Nerang, close to Brisbane, on Saturday March 10. Come along if you can!

What: Glocal Transition Forum
Where: Nerang Bicentennial Community Centre,
833 Southport – Nerang Road,
Nerang, QLD
When: Saturday March 10, 2012 — from 2pm-5:30pm
Cost: $20 online, or $25 at the door (unless sold out)

The Glocals Forum is a platform for local, social, health & environmental leaders presenting practical approaches & solutions that can be measured & witnessed. We call them Glocals. They come from all walks of life and disciplines with one thing in common; they’re out there actualising transformative ideas that have the capacity to regenterate both society & the environment we live in. Each Glocal has an opportunity to give the essence of their transformational idea for our bioregion in 20 minutes & closes with a 2 minute practical “Transition Request” that you can action & contribute to glocal change.


  • Sarah Lantz: "Non Toxic Parenting"
  • Geoff Lawton: "Water Security for the 21st Century"
  • Sally Mackinnon: "Community as Living Learning Systems"
  • Alf Orpen: "A Blue Sky Economy for Australia"
  • Caroline Scott: "Vital Nutrition and You"
  • Tony Levell: "Eco-system Resilience"

Download the flyer (300kb PDF).

Register here!

One Comment

  1. I would like to attend to this event but I am not sure if I will be in Australia then I like the concepts your group is proposing but please look at all the plants in a community we can eat including all the grasses. I think there would be thousands of plants that are edible but no one in our community has dome the eating qualities of all the plants that surround us.
    Second strategies have to be put in place in communities to maintain the local buildings and infrastructure in good order make as much land in the suburbs available for food production as possible, asses the given talent of a neighberhood and the people who need support and what type, and we have to find ways of bying the infrastructure of an area back and support local industry first, produce our own bush telegragth and get a team of people to run and maintain it outside the government and existing power base systems.
    Good luck on yuor meeting please keep in tuch.
    :Antonio :Vlatko.

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