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Permaculture Goes to the White House… With Your Vote!

I’ve got some incredible news to share with you! The permaculture initiative that I facilitate at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (USA) has been selected by the White House as a finalist for the Campus Champions of Change Challenge award! This means we are in the final round and the general public is now voting for which teams will get a trip to the White House (judges selected 15 projects from more than 1000 applications!) The top 5 winners also get featured on a television program called ‘The Deans List’ on MTV.

Imagine the potential this has! This is by far the most important thing that I can be doing for the world right now — I truly feel that in my heart.

We have only 1 week to tally as many votes as we can – voting ends Saturday, March 3 at 11:59PM est (New York time!) Here’s a short description about the student group that I oversee, and how to vote:

UMass Amherst Permaculture is a student group that educates the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus and the local community about ecological permaculture solutions by demonstrating edible perennial landscapes that are highly productive, low maintenance, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible!

How to vote, and sharing the link with others!:

  1. Simply click the link below and vote (all 3 of your votes!) for "UMASS Amherst Permaculture Initiative"!
  2. Share the ‘example text’ below on your Facebook wall / Twitter feed so others in your network will also vote!
  3. Post this message to Facebook groups and other online networks that you belong to!
  4. Forward a link to this post to your friends, family, listservs, etc! Ask them to vote and share it with others as well.
  5. Keep checking back, sharing this on Facebook during the next week, and keep the momentum high!

Link Here:

Facebook/Twitter example text with link!:

Please vote to bring permaculture to the White House and to millions of individuals! We need your help more than ever!

In summary, I feel that this is such an amazing opportunity to bring huge amounts of positive light to permaculture on the international stage — to further promote the environmentally and socially-just food system and world that we all want to see, and showing it to literally millions and millions of individuals! Thank you so so much, everyone. We could be at the White House on March 15 with your help!


  1. You know the really good news when you read it, by the feeling going up the back of your head and the joy that sings from your heart. This might have potential if WE the people give it our all. A #Nationwide #Permaculture #Initiative could provide everyone with purpose. Something a desparately demoralized USA critically needs.

  2. i am really happy for you and Permaculture. i know winning will give a boost to Permaculture as it will get the much needed recognition it needs in this world.

  3. Congratulations! I cast my votes for you and see that you have a great lead over your competition. It is not possible for anyone to lose because you win this competition. Caring for earth – caring for people – reinvesting in these!

  4. Is it posssible to take this only US cititsens/inhabitants? I’m Finnish and live in Finland so in this regard it is not my concern. I’d like know to if it’ll be of any help if spam I his to my Finnish friends?

  5. This is very good news, you got all my votes! Permaculture is a truly holistic solution and needs as much exposure as we can give it! Thank you for taking the initiative.

  6. you have my 3 votes. Is there any way to get involved with the work that needs to be done? I am very interested in doing whatever I can to help the cause, this has been a dream of mine for many years. Thanks for doing this and good luck!

  7. “Is it posssible to take this only US cititsens/inhabitants? I’m Finnish and live in Finland so in this regard it is not my concern. I’d like know to if it’ll be of any help if spam I his to my Finnish friends?

    I just finished putting my three votes down on this project and I’m from Sweden – so go ahead, Aapo! It’s open for everyone to vote :)

  8. Great news! I have registered and used my three votes. Looks like we are leading. Also I am not from US, so it seems like anyone can vote.

    It is great to see permaculture methods gaining popularity. This kind of news gives us all great energy.

  9. Greetings, If elected your project will be training in my district of West Texas, and those you train will be training their neighbors, and those neighbors will expand the permaculture idea across the lands, over the sea in Lily Pads and onto the moon! In the decision to cause no harm, permaculture will go down in history. Just like Thomas Malthus to be wrong!!! YaaaaHOoo…. opps, lets not get carried away now… steady as she goes… good work you princes of the future. Can anyone direct me to a copy of the 2011 perm meeting in the middle east??? thanks in advance…

  10. Growing Paradise on planet earth WINS!!! PERMACULTURE FEVER WILL STRIKE THE WHITE HOUSE. I couldnt be happier. This is huge…the best of luck and sending so much energy your way everyone! Yes!

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