Gaiacraft Workbook: Global Release

As an offering to the planetary permaculture movement we have created a workbook of permaculture worksheets. This educational tool kit will help support your learning and teaching practice.

In the spirit of a genuine love for permaculture education and in gratitude to the world community, this new learning tool is intended to help heal and empower our relationship with ourselves, the Earth and each other. The Gaiacraft Permaculture Workbook shares a collection of universal handouts which string together a larger body of teachings from Bill Mollison, Rosemary Morrow, Geoff Lawton, David Holmgren and Toby Hemenway. It’s edited in collaboration by the Gaiacraft team; Delvin Solkinson, Lunaya Shekinah, Jacob Aman, Tamara Griffiths and Ali Ma. This is a unique and practical addition to your understanding and practice of permaculture.

The first press is in English and currently we are working on editions in Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew. We would love to have translations into other languages as well.

Given freely, we encourage copying of these worksheets for your students and their copying them for their students. We recommend high quality color reproduction so that they can be successfully passed through many printings. In this way we see the worksheets travelling the world freely to support and inspire the evolution of the permaculture paradigm. The workbook is also available as a professionally bound edition direct from our print-on-demand printer. Purchasing a copy is a way to support Gaiacraft and the development of many more permaculture learning and teaching tools.

It’s an honour to share this tool with you as a companion to your journey with permaculture.

Free Download Link: (Warning: very large file! 227mb.)

Hardcopy Purchase Link:

Delvin Solkinson

Delvin is a PRI Registered Teacher and has lived the Permaculture lifestyle for quite a number of years. After running an ecological gardening business for 7 years to pay his way through university he discovered Permaculture and it was love at first sight. Dedicated to life-long learning he has continually taken regular permaculture classes, courses, workshops, and teacher trainings since that first day. He has co-organized two planetary permaculture pilgrimage to do back to back advanced trainings. The first in 2011 in Australia to study with Rosemary Morrow, Geoff Lawton, David Holmgren and Robyn Clayfield. The second in 2015 to the UK and Greece to study with Rosemary Morrow, Looby Macnamara, Robina McCurdy, Peter Cow and Robin Clayfield. For more about Delvin or to get in contact with him, please visit his World Permaculture Network Profile.


  1. Thank you so much for making this available as the free download-it says a lot about you all and your goals and your sincere commitment to the “share the surplus” ethic that many people sort of gloss over. I’m downloading the files now, but will definitely purchase the hard cop in the future. If you need it translated into Arabic, let me know!

  2. Yeah, I second that sentiment. 227 megabyte for 47 pages is rather excessive.. that’s almost five megabyte per page, and most of them don’t even have any “real” pictures! (as in: necessary for the content). Why waste ink? And I don’t really need print resolution if I’m going to read it on my computer – in fact, it quit a lot of difficulty with opening it on my little netbook.

    Also, it appears most of the size comes from the background page that is repeated each time. A PDF can embed the picture once and reuse it each page, which saves an enormous amount of space.

  3. FYI, if you order from Lulu (for me that made the most sense), be sure to enter your payment information without spaces…otherwise Lulu will kick it back with a “your card number is not valid” message. Thanks for making such great information so readily available!

  4. awesome thanks for all the comments

    we are currently translating this workbook to Spanish, Portuguese, French and Hebrew but would love Arabic :) and all will be available as free open source files

    the fourth aspect to the ethos is the balancer or framer for the core 3 ethics
    it feels important to many of us new teachers on the west coast of north america
    and after we began using it the transition movement emerged from permaculture
    affirming the importance of this concept in balancing self judgement or judgement of others based on the ethics with the understanding that our whole civilization is unsustainable and involves unethical practices that harm the earth and its peoples without sharing fairly

    we like offering the printable version of the file instead of a web version
    seems like now 227 megs is not overly large for newish computers
    its only 1/4 the size of a small movie
    i understand some places in the world have very low bandwidth
    but its amazing each year bandwidth goes up as does the speed of computers
    here in my tiny rural mountain village of canada i can download the doc in 10 minutes
    and it only takes up a tiny fraction of my 500 gig laptop memory
    hopefully part of the 2012 revolution will be an upgrade to computer technology
    however our intention for these worksheets is that they are printed and shared
    as opposed to being web documents
    travelling all the places where people dont have computers or dont have the interest in reading too much stuff online

    super excited about permaculture education
    and all sorts of new free open source teaching and learning tools
    we just released a card deck in this format too :

    and also helped Tom Ward get a poster designed and up in printable format

    1. Ahey permacultural gifted ones, Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen M Ed Coun here on North Vancouver Island BC! We met years ago while I was on a truth sojourn at Roberts Creek. I returned there several times
      between dancing for the moon in Costa RIca and teachings there. Now I am minihomesteading thanks to my son and family. My garden is a microecosystem grounded in John Jeavons companion plantings
      and the gaiacraft permacultural principle of sitting observing listening and responding
      rather than overpowering . I am now greens sovereign and anticipate a good root
      harvest in October@
      Today is our group 5th day of a 21 day pilgrimage of Prayers to Tonantzin, azteca great mother,
      and we daily offer gratitudes to those we admire and appreciate!
      I appreciated your gifts then in the Heart Gardens of Roberts Creek, I appreicate now the generosity of the documents known as Gaiacraft; I appreciate your team building and living by these principles and I deeply bow to your evolutionary appreciation of Elders globally travelled to an honoured.
      I am beginning to gather folks here on North Island for the sake of WHEALTH and the realization of how the organic ecosystems of a small back yard with soils detoxed and nourished results in more food sovereignty and can relieve folks from the money scarcity root of conflict on earth right now.
      Looking forward to what more is possible as I reach out an appreciate; Reinhabitting the Village
      from the roots up with principles ethics and generosity!
      Much loving kindness Delvin to you and your family organic and spiritual
      Bowing down to our Elders and Ancestors.
      Gma Kaariina of the Turquoise Heart
      CoCreavatars International Network of WOrld Bridgers
      om ah hung

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