Pre Permaculture Urban Permaculture Landscape Design Course Practicum

Open to 10 persons (only) with PDC in hand that are keen to learn & assist in the design and planning of a kitchen garden, main-crop and animal system design for a young family in the beautiful town of Bangalow, Northern NSW, Australia, as a preamble to the Permaculture Urban Landscape Design course starting the following day. Click on the link here to book for the Urban Permaculture Landscape Design Course running from 13th February 2012.

Come and get hands on design, client interaction and design delivery experience in a tight time frame of 7 hours — or 77 person hours including me — in the process of site assessment, set out of earthworks and garden design and development.

Warning: This permaculture garden design will be hard work. It will be very hot with possible rain for those of you who are made of sugar. There will be snakes and a bit of walking. At the end of the practicum you will walk away with the hands on knowledge of designing within a tight time frame, working with others on a complex arrangement of elements and blending that with the client’s expectations and requirements. This design will be installed and constructed sooner rather than later. So if you’re keen for real permaculture work following the practicum make yourself known and come and get involved in the design.

When: 12th February 2012, 10am sharp — finishing approximately 3 – 5pm.

Where: Bangalow, Nth NSW (Byron Coast) — 2 hrs from Brisbane, 30min from the PRI (Zaytuna Farm), 20 min from Byron Bay and 2 min from Bangalow. Details of the site address given out to successful attendees on application.

Facilities & refreshments: Class room provided on site, and toilets available. Local fruit, cake and cool drinks and hot water available for breaks. Bring your own lunch, and coffee for the stimulant junkies.

Note: The last practicum I put together was a great success. I had 30 emails straight after the post went up on this website asking for interested persons to email me. To this day, I still get emails asking when the next one is on. And here it is. So get in fast!

How to get involved?: Please email (nick at and send me your contact details and phone number. Please let me know how this practicum relates to your current permaculture vocation or startup business and what specialty skills you can bring to the practicum design day.

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