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Orlando Permaculture Documentary

The heroes and heroines of history’s past are so well-known they need not be mentioned. Lesser known and perhaps more integral, however, are the countless individuals whose stories remain untold and hidden by history. “Orlando Permaculture” is a documentary of the latter modern-day individuals. It is a story of a community of people who have read cover to cover the “story of pattern recognition in a sea of apparent chaos” of which Troy Ansley, speaks. They have also repeatedly heard the story modern culture sells them on how the world operates, and decided they would like to write a new, yet somehow ancient story of their own. A story of community, integrity, true sustainability and new beginnings. A story of belonging.

The film, “Orlando Permaculture,” poignantly reveals that great movements are birthed in the dreams of those who desire more, and molded between the hands of those who reach out to one another and to the land. Through visiting a variety of different people within the city of Orlando, the film and portrayals serve to inspire, enlighten and engage your heart & mind to dream of a more colorful and living world in which all are welcome. This is a world of possibilities, togetherness, and balance. Indicative of the subject matter, Ansley weaves a beautiful fabric of sound and image to ornately clothe this emerging community whose story otherwise might remain hidden by history. Listen to this story, dear viewer, so that you might share it and likewise reach out your hand and mold it with us. — Richard G. Powell December 20th, 2011 Orlando, FL


  1. I found this to be an extremely releveant and refreshing documentary that seemlessly captured a glimpse of our current society. Depicting how permaculture can be an escape to the downfalls of modern civilization with the aid of food production, waste reduction, or good ole fashion american ingenuity and self-reliance. As a fellow suburbanite and permaculturist of the 21st century I was completely elated to see that others across the world are trying to make a difference in this one of a kind place we call Earth.

  2. Great work! I really enjoyed seeing and hearing people involved in real life permaculture projects. It is beautifully optimistic.

  3. My heart warms up when I see how many people out there are contributing towards making the earth a better place. Thank you for sharing their stories with us which indeed needed to be told. I trust that the word will spread further and further so that more and more people may take action.

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