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Act Now to Stop the Keystone Pipeline (Again!)

First the good news: President Obama is standing firm on his decision to delay the Keystone XL pipeline, and he’s threatened to veto any attempt by Congress to move that timeline up.

Of course, that’s exactly what those legislators who are most bought by Big Oil are trying to do. They’re trying to attach legislation that would speed up the pipeline to laws that would give relief to hard working people in these tough times. They’re daring the President to veto the whole bill, and it’s up to us to stop them.

Why are they doing this?

They say it’s because of jobs.

But the reality is the only jobs study not funded by the oil industry shows that the pipeline is likely to create no jobs, and might even cost more jobs than it creates.

They say it’s because of energy security.

But as we exposed earlier this fall, the Keystone pipeline is for export. The CEO of the company building the pipeline even admitted as much under oath in Congress a few weeks ago.

So why are they doing this? Oh, right, it’s about money. Specifically, it’s all the top recipients of oil money in Congress who are leading this charge.

Little things like facts don’t trouble the likes of Senator Richard Lugar and Speaker John Boehner. They just hear their oily master’s voice say “jump” and ask “how high”?

Write your Senators right now and remind them that they work for you, not the oil industry. We scored some points this Fall by delaying the pipeline. Please help us make sure those points stay on the board.

Thanks for everything.

Yours for a Separation of Oil and State,

Steve Kretzmann
Founder & Executive Director
Oil Change International

For more information:

  • Representative Markey exposes TransCanada’s CEO refusing to deny that the oil from Keystone will be exported
  • Our report that first exposed the export issue
  • A good piece from the Washington Post overviewing the jobs claims

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