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Hemp seeds grown in Australia’s first Hemp Farm

The Hemp Farm is the world’s first public demonstration, education and working farm growing low-THC industrial hemp.

Based on the North Coast of NSW (Byron Bay), the hemp farm is dedicated to the many uses of this estranged plant. Grown under Government license, hemp does not contain psychoactive quantities of the drug ingredient.

The benefits of growing hemp fit with permaculture principles. Hemp requires no pesticides or herbicides, can clean up waste water (of which it does not require much) and offers many uses from both its stem and seed.

The stem has a very strong fibre, based on its cellular structure that is being used locally in creating 100% hemp bio-plastics. The same stalk is used to make building materials. At the hemp farm there are two examples of this — one of hemp and lime, and one of hemp and clay. The hemp buildings are breathable, easy to produce from local ingredients and require no special machinery. The same stalk can be used to produce textiles, geotextiles, paper, garden mulch and animal bedding (it is super absorbent). A new technology developed in New Zealand and Germany also allows the hemp stalk to efficiently create bio-diesel from the high cellulose content found in hemp.

As well as all of these uses for the fibre, the hemp seed contains a superior form of plant protein to most other sources. With all essential amino acids the hemp seed is easily digestible unlike most of its counterparts — making it ideal for vegetarians, body builders and anyone needing high quality protein. It is the omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acid content that really makes hemp seed shine with its ideal proportion for the human body. The high quantity and quality of EFAs in hemp seed have been shown in various global studies to assist in most skin issues, promoting velvety skin and luscious hair, brain development in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, prevention of some heart problems and much more.

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