RegenAG Special Event Practical Workshop Notification

This is an 11th hour notice from RegenAG regarding a once-off special event 2-day practicum being held next week (14-15th Nov) on Taranaki Farm in Victoria, Australia. The very first RegenAG Practicum (RAP) and the only workshop being held this year on Taranaki Farm.

By now many of you have attended a RegenAG (Regenerative Agriculture) workshop during either the 2010 or 2011 series. RegenAG has now trained thousands of farmers across the country with our independent programs. This brief notice concerns a unique once-off event that will be staged next week on Taranaki Farm (host to the Victorian RegenAG workshops in 2010) and now home to the Australian Polyface Project.

Taranaki Farm has implemented an extensive regenerative agriculture framework and enterprise built around keyline design principles (a pillar or RegenAG) with a special focus on Joel Salatin style farming. As such (with Joel Salatin’s blessing), Taranaki Farm is now home to the Australian Polyface Project whose mission is to establish a fully integrated local Australian open-door multi-enterprise regenerative farm business, modelled on Joel Salatin s world renowned Polyface Farm in Virginia USA.

In short, we’re all about regenerative agriculture on Taranaki Farm and we’re going to share our experience of Joel Salatin style ‘Salad Bar Beef’ grazing with a small group of highly committed RegenAG workshop attendees this coming Monday/Tuesday (14-15th November).

Last year, as part of the 2010 RegenAG workshop, Taranaki Farm hosted Kirk Gadzia for a 3-day Holistic Management workshop.. Many of you might have also attended Kirk’s RegenAG workshop recently up north. Well, those workshops broadly covered HM and now this year Kirk is returning to Taranaki Farm to present (along with myself) a wholly original field-focused, ‘dirt under your nails’ practical experience giving you the tools to get started right away building topsoil and regenerating farmland. This workshop is for people seeking practical experience and usable information.

Full details are available here.

This workshop is limited to a small group and places are strictly limited.
Online bookings will be terminated once this event is booked out, so it’s first in first served.

This is your opportunity to learn inside an established farm that practices daily animal moves and demonstrates the benefits they offer. Maybe you’ve read one of Joel Salatin‘s books and want to see for yourself how it all works, out in the field — well… Taranaki Farm is your destination. Due to our emphasis on farming, is the only workshop we’re running in 2011 so it’s a very special event, for us and for you.

See you there.

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  1. Hi Ben,
    hopefully we can start to see some practical workshops on the weekends, for those who farm but have jobs during the week?


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