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Take the Money Out of Politics!

We’ve been watching our leaders sell out to corporate, extractive interests for so long, it’s almost numbingly normal to us. For example, last year, in the U.S., we saw what appears to be one of the last nails in our socio-economic and environmental coffin, that being the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that overturned laws restricting corporate influence over politics, thereby granting corporations the right to give unlimited funding to the media campaigns of political candidates. This frees big business to 1) ensure their favourite political horse gets the kind of exposure that only multi-billion dollar bank accounts can bring, and/or 2) to use aforesaid billions to vilify any candidate perceived to be any kind of threat to their competitive dominance in the market place.

And what did Joe Citizen do about it? There were some protests, to be sure, but then people settled back in front of their televisions, and life went on. Apparently even Obama wasn’t pleased with the decision, or was that display just to make us feel like something would be done about it? Has anything changed?

Some things should never be bought and sold. Some things are sacred. Principles. Ideals. Clean food and water. The right to retain a vestige of self-resilient dignity. Freedom. The right not to be scared of your own government. The right to see representative government working as servants to the people. These things should be non-negotiable. Taking the money out of politics would be an excellent first step towards regaining what we, in our apathy, have so frivolously let slip. As such, it’s refreshing to hear someone tell it like it is, especially when we’d already given up on the mainstream media doing so…:

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