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Small Dam/Fish Pond Installation – October 2011 Earthworks Course with Geoff Lawton

In this short video Geoff walks us through an overview of a small dam/fish pond installation at the PRI’s Zaytuna Farm in northern NSW, Australia. If you’d like to get a better understanding of the why and how of permaculture earthworks, you could purchase the Water Harvesting DVD, or, better yet, book on one of our upcoming Earthworks courses, listed in our Courses section. Small dams like this, appropriately situated and intelligently designed, can both drought-proof and flood-protect your property, whilst creating a foundational hydrological infrastructure from which can spring an abundance of biodiversity to create a foundation of resilient self-sufficiency.

For good measure I’ll throw in a few pictures that Nadia has just sent me of permaculture abundance at Zaytuna Farm. Earthworks like that shown in the footage above ensures food harvesting like this can continue at Zaytuna Farm even in the driest years, when neighbouring properties are shriveled and barren….

Click here for a short video update on this small dam and fish pond!


  1. Hi Eduardo. Simply click on the ‘Courses’ tab above, then scroll down to the aid worker course with dates that suit you, click on it, and you’ll find the info you need there.

  2. This dam is positioned at the lower end of the valley on the south of the paddock with power lines, the swale runs south into the re-growth ridge crossing the ridge track with the level sill emptying into the next forested valley to the south.

  3. ive been thinking about zaytuna a lot and trying to envision all the best house sites dotted across the property. i love the look of this damn/house site. theres another great one just to the south of the first aquaculture damn just up the hill…

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