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Urban Permaculture DVD – You May Order! (Shipping Nov. 1, 2011)

At the International Permaculture Conference (IPC10) we treated attendees to the very first showing of the Urban Permaculture DVD. At the time I was personally too busy to watch it myself, but just last night finally sat down to do so.

In short, it was totally inspirational.

It gave me lots of practical ideas for things I can do on a piece of ground I’ll soon be working on myself. And, perhaps most of all, it filled me with, again, inspiration and enthusiasm. I think this is the great strength of the DVD, that it makes what may seem to some a daunting task, and helps you to realise it’s actually entirely doable — motivating you to take up the challenge of turning a useless (and sometimes energy guzzling) piece of urban land into something entirely productive and also aesthetic.

Because of our ‘conventional’ industrial agricultural practices, we’ve steadily moved most of the world’s human population off the land — where they often knew a thing or two about how to manage it — driving them instead into cities where they’ve been educated to become consumers and to leave the provision of their most basic necessities (food and water) to the ‘experts’. It’s now beyond clear that the ‘experts’ do not have our interests at heart, and nor do they know anything about healthy, productive natural systems, and it’s clear that if the human race is to survive the next century with any kind of peace and health, we’re going to have to take matters into our own hands, get back in touch with the natural world and start finding fulfillment in providing for our own needs once more. While it will be totally out of reach or impractical for many to move into rural areas and onto land that is now largely in centralised control, many of us can still fight back, right where we are, in the cities.


Aside from energising existing Permaculturists, this DVD will be a very useful tool to help inspire a new generation of urban farmers to put the world right again! As such, people involved in ‘Permaculture Evangelisation’, as we at the PRI are, should definitely check it out too.

Order here!


  1. I’m looking forward to this. How about selling these videos in digital form too? Personally I don’t have any use for the plastic disc and would happily pay for and download a file to watch on my computer/phone/whatever.

  2. I second that, I always rip my dvd’s to computer them put the plastic’s on the bookshelf for showcase purposes. A digital download would save me the painful 14 day wait to get it to canada.

  3. Ditto, why ship something around the world and use fossil fuels when the appropriate technology (the internet) is there to use? It should also be cheaper for the PRI because the is no packaging or time/energy wasted to make the packaging. Which could lead to a savings for the customer.

  4. I would happily pay full price and let PRI decide where the funds might be distributed, i.e. funding more projects, etc.


  5. I second second the digital download route – being in South Africa the shipping costs almost as much as the DVD itself…

    I think the problem is the illegal copying issue not sure how you could make a digital download copy proof… any suggestions?

    GO DIGITAL the audience you could reach would multiply!

  6. Great idea a download would be a sensational and responsible method of distribution, I’d be happy to pay full price providing a guarantee that the extra funds would be used to fund a charitable venture.

  7. The main cost of these dvds is paying for the work/time of the people involved in its creation, so I’d be happy to pay the same price for the physical and digital version. As for copy protection – that’s a moot point, it’s trivial to make digital copies of the dvd itself, so people who don’t want to pay, won’t pay, those who do, will pay.

  8. iTunes store should allow for a safe distribution model, protecting the content for limited lifetime playback, however not sure on the costs that go to them, those could be significant

  9. All this waiting is making me crazy I’ve watched the preview clips 10 times, sifting over and over for information like a panhandler for gold. On the subject of bootlegging, it seems everything is syphoned into the free media just add the word “torrent”.

    Anyone who buys dvd’s knows there supporting the best education in the game and price isn’t the factor it’s time. I remember holding off on composting my first heap till the soils dvd came out, within 90 days I was on the other end of my first 50 cubic meters in the race to be a compost master. I’m too busy with fulltime permaculture to know what the response is for these dvd’s but to me there like the bread of life. Time eventually takes us all off this planet, and for me it’s a matter of it’s influence that makes me want it digitally. It’s more than just the impatience of man, but a thirst for the truth that goes till the end of time. I have the dvd’s ripped to mp3 so every moment in the car is packed with permaculture dharma, I have the avi’s so I can bring it to work.

    Digital would be the difference between what I do as this fall, as fall is practically winter in the pnw of canada, compared to what will I do next spring with the information I sat on all winter.

    I’m already working on anaerobic soil creation in ponds just of the 2 1/2 min clip on youtube, I don’t know what to say all this fervor about digital downloads has me believing it might happen before nov 1st.

    All this talking is making me want to pre-order, can’t risk it not shipping day 1.

  10. Another voice for buying download. It’s PAL format according to web so it might not even play on my DVD player. I like having permie content on my ipad so would be preferable digitally anyway.

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