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Eugenio Gras – Latin America’s Bio-Fertiliser Pioneer comes to South East Qld

Addressing the escalating prices and environmental consequences associated with conventional inputs is one of the main priorities for landholders now and into the future.

Over the last 20 years, pioneering scientists in Latin America have developed a range of ‘farm-made’ Bio-Fertilisers to replace energy-intensive and expensive artificial fertilizers.

These techniques have enabled farmers across Latin America to gain access to the tools and knowledge needed to get themselves ‘off the drip’ of increasingly unaffordable artificial fertilizers.

Now we’re bringing this open-source knowledge to the rest of the world — and that includes South East Queensland!

Eugenio Gras

FreeRange Permaculture is proud to be part of the RegenAG family and as Qld Conveners we’re happy to announce that for the first time we’re bringing the amazing Eugenio Gras to ‘Coucal Hill’, just outside Yandina on October 30th – November 1st.

Eugenio, one of the founding members of Mashumus (formerly known as COAS) will be delivering a 3-day course in bio-fertiliser manufacture from on-farm and readily available materials as well as Chromatography, enabling you to do your own soil, compost and produce testing. Some of who attended the APC10 dinner last year may remember Eugenio gave a stirring speech at the event. At the time he was in Australia as part of RegenAG’s workshop series 2010, and such was his popularity, we decided to ask him back!

The workshop is very hands-on and will re-define the role that bio-fertilisers and organic inputs can play on your property.

As we know, it’s all about the soil. One tonne of healthy topsoil will typically harbor as much as 25% of its weight in living microorganisms. Encouraging more microbiology (of the right kind) to your soil strengthens its structure, makes nutrients available to the plants above, builds humus and leads to resilient, productive soils, naturally.

This workshop will introduce multiple techniques for making a range of bio-fertilisers, using a range of fermentation and brewing processes that are easily within the scope of the average landowner.

This workshop will cover:

  • The history of bio-fertilisers
  • Different types of bio-fertiliser
  • Creating beneficial soil biology
  • Chromatography
  • Nutrient Retention
  • Building Soil Structure
  • Bio-remediation
  • And many take-home bio-fertiliser recipes for you to use on your farm….

If you grow anything and would like your soils and plants to be healthy & disease free, I would highly recommend coming along:

You can get more info on these workshops and book in via

Bio-fertiliser resources and further reading put together by NSW RegenAG Conveners and our very good friends at Milkwood Permaculture:


  1. i`m trying to get the book of Eugenio or his mail to ask abou it. The website of COAS is down. can anybody share some contact information of him with me? Thanks a lot.

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