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Australia’s National Food Plan – Heard about it?

by Genevieve Hopkins

Have you heard about the Australian Government’s proposed National Food Plan? Nope? Neither had we until we read an article in the most recent newsletter from Green Pages stating that Senator Joe Ludwig has extended the deadline for submissions until September 2. Don’t get us wrong, we’re supportive of extending the deadline but we are very concerned that this is the first time we’ve heard anything about the government’s efforts to develop a national plan for our food production, supply and consumption.

This issue is extremely important and it would be fantastic if Australia’s consumers, farmers and general public had their voices and concerns heard in the same way the government is seeking input from large corporate interests. Public debate needs to occur to ensure fair representation on such a vitally important issue. We call on the government to openly discuss this issue with the Australian public and ensure that the process remains transparent and accessible.

We will be making a submission based on the questions for discussion raised in the Government’s issues paper. Please read the government’s issue paper, make a submission and have your say on what is one of the most important issue for all Australians: food security in a world of dwindling resources, environmental deterioration, climate change, economic instability and corporate profiteering.

Read the Australian Government’s ‘Issue Paper to Inform the Development of a National Food Plan’.

Read the ‘Issues Paper Consultation Questions’ here and make a submission.



  1. There are few phrases more terrifying than “the government’s national plan for our food production, supply and consumption.”

  2. So If Food Security is such an important Issue then why is the Government even thinking about taking a risk with this by condoning Genetically Modified Crops???
    They pose a real threat to our Natural Environment and food supplies!
    GMO’s are far too Unpredictable to take Chances with!

  3. Hi Patricia
    I believe that it’s a question of semantics. GA vs GM. Genetically Altered plants are those with genes implanted from vastly different organisms, Genetically Modified are those that stem from an accelerated selective program – through a variety of techniques. Though I agree with you, that both GM and GA are a threat to biodiversity. The governmental support for increasingly genetically analogous crops and the monocultural propagation therof is short sighted and, in all probability, influenced by financial (read party funding) choices…

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