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It’s Time for a Food Fight

I know I’m not the only one getting mad as hell about the food-supply madness that’s going on around us, and happening to us. Healthy food is being made illegal, and Big Agri is getting their toxic, adulterated, nutrient deficient, soil-depleting crap subsidised by taxpayer dollars.

It’s time for a food fight….

In addition to the video above, follow on to watch the next, where you can hear about the alarming research from Dr. Don Huber, who was Professor Emeritus of plant pathology at Purdue University for 35 years, and has been studying plant diseases worldwide for 50. He has found links between Roundup Ready crops (corn and soybeans) and widespread crop failures and disease, livestock infertility and spontaneous abortion rates as high as 45%.

Read more about Dr. Huber’s discoveries here and a more technical presentation from Dr. Huber himself here (PDF).


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  1. We are showing the movie Farmageddon again August 24 6-9 pm Vet’s Hall Grass Valley, CA 95945 and organizing a Local Food Freedom Resolution. We showed it last week to a standing room only group, and we are doing it again at a bigger place.

    Here’s the trailer.

    We are a very rural area. If we can do it successfully, so can you.

    Also, check out our California Label GMO initiative We need your help even if you don’t live in California.

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