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Armed Raid on Raw Food Producers – the FDA Hasn’t Changed….


  1. Each individual officer involved should be held to account for their actions. “Just following orders” is not an excuse. Get their names and publish them.

  2. James’ bail was reduced from $123,000 to $30,000: bail condition: he cannot sell unpasteurized dairy without a license. Is that a reason to dump all that wonderful milk down the drain?

    Victoria Bloch was released. Still to be arraigned is farmer Sharon Palmer.

    Ironically, 73 people ill and 1 person dead from corporate ground turkey, yet no one raided them.

    No one dead from raw milk in the USA for the last 35 years according for the Center for Disease Control.

  3. This is just apauling. Terrible. I hope the people responsible for these raids are, sometime in the near future, in need of food from a ‘non mainstream’ supplier and they think back to the pain and suffering they have caused. Shame Shame Shame!

  4. well guys it just proves we are having some effect, we just need to keep up all the great work.
    In a newspaper called the rural, which is for farmers, chemical companies are stating that their products are safe because the organic movement is gaining traction and they are sacred of losing their control

  5. Nobody should have ever been granted the authority to control what another person may eat or drink. So thanks to government, we now have guns and jails involved in what should be a simple scientific and personal choice debate about which milk to drink.

    Keep your eyes open, because this is government showing its true nature.

  6. It’s not just government JBob. It’s industry controlling government to their own ends.

  7. We do not have a problem with USDA organic certification and most organic production comes fro large corporate scale producers who also produce conventional products. What is frightening is these small scale local growers that pepper the entire countryside,especially thick on the East and West coasts.At some of these farms they actually milk their animals by hand this is a dangerous practice and sooner or later someone will get sick.For this reason it is a practice that will not spread. NAIS or National Animal Identity System has the potential to prevent the ownership of just a few farm animals the costs involved will discourage profitability of small farms.

  8. @gerald Anderson
    Someone has to say it, so it might as well be me. I would like to know who’s payroll you are on and the real reasons why you object to the ‘small scale local growers’ peppering the entire countryside.

    Perhaps you don’t realize that, sooner rather than later, there is coming a time when these local farmers will be the only ones with the capability to produce the food products necessary for life and there will be many more of them.

    As for the ‘dangerous practice’ of milking by hand, do you not realize that this was standard practice for millennia prior to the industrial revolution and still is in many parts of the world. With the coming energy decline, it will soon become so again and your ‘corporate scale producers’ will be a thing of the past along with all other Big Agriculture.

    Personally, I am not generally an advocate of using dairy products as a human food source but this James Stewart situation represents a principle that goes way beyond personal preferences and is such a fine example of oppressive government interference in the expression of personal rights of the individual, that all concerned people should be moved to raise their voice in condemnation of the action taken.

  9. Craig, a look at “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zimm provides some good perspective on the approach of Government and industry and the oppression of the people.

  10. “Mr. Speaker, many Americans who the government wishes to deny the ability to purchase unpasteurized milk have done their own research and come to the conclusion that unpasteurized milk is healthier than pasteurized milk. These Americans have the right to consume these products without having the federal government second-guess their judgment about what products best promote health. If there are legitimate concerns about the safety of unpasteurized milk, those concerns should be addressed at the state and local level.” – Ron Paul.

  11. A witness on the scene during the Rawesome Foods raid has publicly stated that an agent of the Specialized Surveillance & Enforcement Bureau of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health stole $9,000 in cash from James Stewart after placing him in handcuffs. The $9,000 in cash was about to be used to acquire food products (honey, watermelons, eggs and others) that are offered to club members of Rawesome Foods.
    During the raid on Rawesome Foods, $4,500 in cash was taken from the store and $9,000 confiscated from James Stewart, but only the $4,500 in cash was noted on the warrant. California law requires that all items seized at the raid are noted on the warrant, but the LA County Department of Public Health failed to note the $9,000, meaning there is no longer any paper trail for this cash that was taken from James.
    Lela Buttery, a witness at the raid, explained this on the Robert Scott Bell Show ( Sunday, August 7, 2011:
    “The warrant states that they are to take various samples of dairy products. It also says that they can take files, computers, hard drives, cash, etc., but they have to account for everything. So all of the milk that was dumped out is not accounted for. There’s a part of the warrant that they have to say what they confiscated. There were envelopes in the office that were already set out to pay these vendors… that was about $4500, but when Terrence Powell asked James Stewart how much money is on the premises — that was one of the first questions that was asked — so he said he had nine grand on him, and Terrance asked why would you have so much money on you right now? That money was taken and on the currency sheet it is not on there. So I’m looking at some government agencies that are pocketing some dough right now.”

    Information source:

  12. The only reason this happened is because of the ignorance of the words strategically minded criminals use against us. Once you start to read those words you start to get your power back, because then you can challenge the very assumptions that those pretend ‘police officer’s’ are using, you will realize they are committing crimes against humanity. Using threats, force, coercion, duress and a criminal conspiracy to traumatize and impoverish those who are supplying whole natural foods in a world where our most precious genetic stock of seed and plant is being ravaged and under organized attack. Due to the consequences of warfare through food, ultimately those ‘police’ in this video committed the most serious acts of terrorism possible, and that lady was right there should have been a citizen’s arrest for acts of terror committed, and there is no doubt they have committed the most vile acts of treason against the oath they swore and the freedoms they swore to protect.

    The biggest secret is that they make you think that reading these acts/statutes are boring, but once you watch videos like bursting bubbles of government deception by robert menard, or its an illusion by john harris, you will see the ‘code’ behind the matrix of legal deception. The key is comprehension of words, then you can go and discover for yourself how we are the greatest authority and are actually the government, and the pretend ‘government’ is the greatest threat to freedom and the law, as it always has been

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