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Since I starting teaching at the PRI with the new Urban Landscape Design Course there have been calls to make the information from the course available to students and interested people out there in the world that can’t jump on a plane and get to The Channon.

Our fearless webmaster Craig Mackintosh, has set aside a section of the Resources page on this website where Urban Landscape Design Course students can now access their completed design projects, course notes and permaculture business resource tools.

The idea I had for this, is a single point were we can share information with you about the business of permaculture. A place where you can come for ideas about how PRI design students have set out design presentations to past clients so you can replicate that and then evolve your own style on later projects.

If you have anything you feel might be of use to you in setting up your own Permaculture Design & Consultancy Business, please feel free to post comments below. It might be, "Could a post on the resources page be an example of how an invoice should be set out?" It could be anything that will help you in your permaculture consultancy business. Or simply book in to our October 31st 2011 Permaculture Urban Landscape Design course, currently posted on the Courses/Internships page.


  1. Thanks for this addition Nick. Unfortunately under “Designers & Consultants Resources:” the June 2011 link is broken.

    Great idea to give professional looking design proposals. Not having any previous experience putting together the whole picture, this is a big help.

  2. Sorry Diane. I had reshuffled things a little, and didn’t notice I’d broken that link. Fixed now. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. We should all give the PRI a big thanks for compiling this great asset. I for one being a bit of an illiterate bastard am thankful for this great resource.

    Cheers for putting it up there nick

  4. Hi Diane. It works for me.

    You may still be viewing a cached version of the page. Please: 1) go to a completely different website, 2) clear your browser cache, 3) close your browser, 4) come back here and try again.

    Additionally, please note, these are very large files, so if you just click straight onto the link, they’ll take *ages* to download (so you may think nothing is happening). You should instead right-click on the link, and choose (‘save link as’ or ‘save target as’, depending on your browser), and choose a location to save it (like your desktop).

  5. yay for resources! The more the merrier. Good to see PRI’s growing a cache of them. I see Eugenio Gras’ biofertilizer how-to made it in there… Craig, will you be attributing sources on all those resources so people can explore the subject material in more depth?

  6. Is the file given an example of what the customer would recieve?
    It would be great to see how you quote and cost these projects, do you use spreadsheets similar to what Darren uses?
    It might not be so relevant in small scale urban plans, but Im interested to see how the element of time and space over different phases of a project would be presented to the client.
    Thanks for the resource!

  7. Really nice to see such a “return” to the greater good.
    Open source is something to be proud of good one Nick,in a perfect world education would be free.Until we get to that point open source efforts are vital.
    The Regen Ag and Milkwoods contributions in this area are nothing short of amazing.
    Dave Spicer is one of the most super literate permaculture practitioners I have met,and far too humble.
    Good luck guys.

  8. Hi all,

    Thanks alot Nick, wonderful work and wonderful of you to make it available to us.

    Just a quick question….the image of the plan in the above post…how was it made? Looks amazing.

    Im still downloading the files (on a very slow connection here in Thailand) so excuse me if the answer is within…

  9. Hello all, Sorry for the slack response. I’ve been on a massive Permaculture Farm installation on a farm north of Canberra, Australia.
    Thanks all for the kind comments and questions. I hope the link is now working.
    * David Mattinson, How are you David? Good questions mate. I’m in the process of putting together posts on this topics. I put together a spreadsheet specific to estimation & costing Design projects. I know Darren J. Doherty’s open source documents for costing jobs. I will put my documents up on the Resources page soon for your interests and personal development. I do cover in detail how to price design projects in our Urban PC Landscape Design course at the PRI.
    * Floyd, good question. The image was a hand drawn rendering taken from the students concept design. I find personally that it gives the design a more organic natural feel. In past years I have used very expencive design programs in my last business and paid staff thousands of dollars a year in education to keep up to date with program updates and education. I was drawn by an artist friend on the Gold Coast by the name of Leisa O’Brien from or [email protected] . I cost around $200 to produce. If done by computer it would cost around $500 – 600 and not given the same feeling. But it depends on what your designing for? A detailed landscape plan or concept of what the overall design will look like.
    Please feel free to contact Leisa if you have design work for her.

    More documents to come in the future.

  10. Hey Bob, I don’t mate. That task is given to a student to develop, ask the questions and form the brief.
    From my experience over the years, even in landscape design, questioners are never static but always evolving. Like questions and your experience level, will improve with time.

    I personally don’t have a questionare, ( in the written form) my clients are so varied that I couldn’t keep up with the changes I would have to make in there evolution.

    Has that answered your question? Please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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