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Living in the 21st century was going to be difficult at the best of times and what happened to me recently is like a wake up call.

I had a friend come over with a couple of meter devices. One machine was to measure the electric magnetic radiation around my house including the kitchen appliances, and another device to measure the microwaves around and inside the house. The results were nothing less than startling. I will endeavour to get rid of the iphone as soon as the plan I’m on finishes, I will absolutely minimize the use of the hair dryer from now on, the electronic clocks are turned off near the stove and I’m generally going to frequent those areas around the house that have minimal EMRs.

As if life isn’t complicated enough!

It’s enough to make anyone feel angry, disempowered or overwhelmed by those forces out there that we have no control over. But wait a minute; we do have control over how we can survive these attacks on our well being. How do we prevent cancer from forming due to radiation poisoning? How can we protect ourselves from becoming victims of circumstance?

We can have some sense of control if we let our food be our medicine. There are many foods that we can eat on a daily basis that will protect us from a failing immune system due to a toxic overload. Raw fermented food eaten with cooked food will constantly detoxify us from these unwanted nasties. The gut flora will then be in full swing with the many different bacteria, enzymes, moulds (natural antibiotics), yeasts and fungi that are consumed through the raw fermented food. This will keep our immune systems going strong in the midst of contamination. Immediately after the atomic bomb went off in Hiroshima, dark brown miso was freely given out to the victims to prevent radiation poisoning. There is something powerful in dark miso that will neutralize the effects that cause cancer through radiation contamination. Miso is also a good antidote to amines that form inside burnt meat. Make your own miso from organic soy beans and Celtic sea salt for a top quality healing food.

Soy workshop

I include a generous serving of raw fermented food with every meal I eat. This should be enough to neutralize the deteriorating effect of the toxic fallout from the effects of Electric Magnetic Radiation around the house and in the office. What I have now achieved is a sense of empowerment in a situation that I otherwise don’t have control over. So this is my message to all those who are just discovering the wonderful effect of fermented food in the daily diet. These simple ferments can be made in any kitchen we can decontaminate ourselves and preserve our good health.

DVD by Elisabeth:

Elisabeth Fekonia is an award winning, accredited Permaculture teacher based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia. She teaches people how to grow and produce their food through workshops and courses. There is accommodation available for an internship for 10 weeks. Rent is $200 per week and this includes organic food which is mostly from the farm. Interns are invited to participate in workshops and courses. www.permacultureproduce, or call 0432 180523 for more information.


  1. great article, remember out there permies that Bill Mollison (coming from Scott Pittman who traveled with Bill for six years in Russia) that he considers his most important work to be the fermentation book. Its a great book and others like Sandor Katz of Wild Fermentation are great resources. In fact we believe it is so important that we teach it at our PDC’s as a hands on session. Students make veggiekraut like creations, soda’s, and pickles. We talk about the 5 reasons to ferment- extra nutrition like cabbage all the sudden being full of vitamin c and possibly B12 (I think the B12 comes from consuming the bacteria, remember in the soil their bodies are full of protein (N)) and then also no need for refrigeration, a food preservation technique, reduces toxicity and of course the gut infusion of microbes. Thanks for a positive solutions based article.

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