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The Urban Permaculture DVD and the Sound-Proof Chicken House

The biggest problem with chicken houses in urban settings has got to be the hyper-vocal rooster. If you want to avoid having tired grumpy neighbours, what can you do? Even giving them a few eggs per week is unlikely to assuage their wrath. There are obvious options to deal with this situation, but they’re not pretty — like a shotgun, for instance. Some say that if you want to ensure a rooster doesn’t crow on Sunday morning, then you have to eat him Saturday night….

Once again, permaculture turns the problem into a solution. Featured in this excerpt from our soon-to-be-launched Urban Permaculture DVD, is a great chicken house by Penny Pyett, from the Sydney suburbs. The solution to sound also brings other benefits as well — that being improved conditions for the chickens themselves. Watch the clip to see it in action, and you’ll also be treated to an excellent rooster impersonation by our own Geoff Lawton!


  1. What a great idea, if it can muffle geoff it can definately muffle a rooter… Nice one keep up the great post’s
    Thanks Kane

  2. Thats one sick sounding rooster! Ha
    Fantastic idea Penny. The sound of the rooster crowing takes me back to my many surf trips to Bali. 4am and the roosters are going off there heads!

  3. Forgive my ignorance, but since when did roosters lay eggs? I.e. Why would you want to keep an urban rooster in the first place?

  4. Supachupa:
    If memory serves, the roosters lay the chickens; this seems to have something to do with making eggs.
    If they start talking bout milking bulls, however, count me out.
    I’m vegan anyways.

  5. …Then again, most of the hyper-vocal roosters in my neighborhood are scaring off the hens; one overly-tolerant(deaf) hen for a bunch of hypervocal roosters. Nature works in mysterous ways sometimes.

  6. I know its a late post, but hope it gets through. How thick of insulation (straw bale) do you have in the walls? I did not see any insulation for roof either. Is that for ventilation?

    1. 400 mm thick straw bale plus 50 mm of mud render and lime plaster, insulation to the roof is deficient in that model but could be added and still allow for ventilation.

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