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50 Million Trees and Counting: Trees for the Future

Here’s some great weekend inspiration to encourage you into a more productive new week. I think you’ll enjoy this one.


  1. Back in the early 80’s I planted over 4 million trees, around 3 million seedlings by hand with a hoe dad or earp tool and dibble bar and a million more by machine. Young athletes can plant trees we had fellows planting 10,000 seedlings per day with little drop in quality from those planting a thousand a day.It was a sport,yes I think educated foresters and paper company inspectors were jealous over the possibility our four month earnings could equal their yearly salary. Sad thing is most have no doubt been harvested for paper.
    lesson learned is to question who and for what purpose are we planting.
    I think if we dropped our speed limit to 55 and if young people could plant a thousand trees per day for a few months of the year we would save the world.

  2. I’ve been supporting and following the work of Trees for the Future for at least 10 years and have to say they are the most impressive tree planting organization out there. They yield serious results through community empowerment and education. This organization is what turned me on to permaculture in the first place, and they embody much of what permaculture does. If your looking for a carbon offset or a place to redistribute some cash, TREES is a responsible and effective route to take.

  3. Believe it or not, watching this video brings tears to my eyes at the simplicity of how nature can provide for us and herself if we work with her and use a few well observed permaculture principles to help her along.

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