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Green Cleaning Can be Easy and Fun, Plus My Best House & Health Tips

When I first remember seeing the ‘conventional’ way of cleaning bathtubs, with my mum bent over with a scrubbing brush, groans of effort and beads of sweat on her forehead, with the chemical smell of Jif (or Cif in other countries) floating through the air and her nostrils, I knew there had to be a better way. So it’s in the spirit of helping others avoid these chemicals, that I have decided to compile some of my favourite Green Household/Health tips that are cleaner, easier, more effective and in most cases much more enjoyable than conventional methods.

You will have the added benefit of keeping those toxic chemicals out of your house and body and will save money as well. I will start with household first and health in the second part of this article.

1. Household

Bicarb Soda is brilliant for bathtubs.

Poor Ahmed wishes the Americans didn’t bomb so close to the oil well.

This has got to be my favourite for proving how wasteful and unnecessary ‘conventional’ cleaning is. All you need for this is a $1.81 box of bicarb soda. Jump into the bath, sprinkle liberally all over the tub, turn on the shower and wet the powder a bit. Now start ‘dancing’ and using the balls of your feet to run that bicarb soda into the bath. Easy!

Bicarb soda is one of the best for removing built up grease and grime from your tub, and if that isn’t enough, add a few drops of tea tree oil to penetrate the oil. You will be amazed at how much better this is than the old ‘sucking in Jif’ method.

Hot water — great for dishes, roaches and other things.

…except for nice big friendly pet ones like this

Fly spray is nasty stuff and it used to give me headaches. Whenever I see a roach now, I just turn on the kettle or the hot water tap and a quick pour kills them pretty much instantly. (A kettle for the tougher American ones.) This is convenient because in our kitchen the little suckers usually like to hover around the dishes and sink area. Some people prefer the boot squish method, but I’ve never been a fan of picking up the mess afterwards. Apparently they can leave eggs too so this is a hygienic way of killing them and disinfecting the area around them. If they are on a wall you can probably get one of those steam sprayers, which are super handy in the garden and for lots of other things too, otherwise I just use a boot or rolled up TV guide (all its good for) to stun them and finish them off with the water. Clean up any wall stains with vinegar.


Reading "Naked Lunch" while taking drugs… not a good idea

We all know how annoying flies can be, especially in summer when they seem to pop out of everywhere, but I have some entertaining ways to deal with them.

I came up with my own quasi-sport I call ‘fly herding’, where you pick up one or two tea towels, and ‘herd’ the flies straight out the door and back into the garden. It’s quite fun, good exercise, and will bring either a laugh or a smile to anyone nearby or even yourself. It’s especially good for Buddhists or others who don’t like killing living things.

The evil genius way is of course to get an electric fly swatter off Ebay for $13 with free shipping and play some ‘fly’ tennis or just use a regular fly swatter.

They never told me that dishes day was
one day of the freakin year!


A way I save water/time is by putting all my cutlery and dishes in a cooking pot or in the sink, and filling it partly with either boiling or hot water from the tap or kettle. Add a bit of vinegar or drop of tea tree and this will pre-clean and break down any grime for easy rinsing later.

My preferred method of cleaning dishes is a scrubbing brush which i keep dipping into a bowl of vinegar, or a green, natural dishwashing liquid. Vinegar is an excellent disinfectant and has good germicidal and anti-fungal properties. Conventional dish washing liquids are another toxin source that is good to get rid of in the house, due to the unhealthy surfactants and other chemicals added to the cocktail soup that makes up typical products.


An example of prickly pear paint with papercrete sprayed on, in ‘hippage’ grey

I’ve always disliked the strong chemical smell of paints, and after learning that sometimes 50% or more of the paint is volatile organic compounds or VOCs, I learnt why.

A green alternative to toxic paints is to make your own and save money. There are a few options out there, from flour paint, milk or casein paint or prickly pear paint.

My experiment with prickly pear paint wasn’t too successful (too watery) and probably needed some added touches, but it’s simple enough to do by chopping up 20 fronds, adding 80 litres of water with 20kg of salt, and a 15 litre bag of lime. Usually it helps to have a mixer of some kind or chop the prickly pear so it makes a nice uniform sludge. Apparently used all the time in Mexico, the paint is waterproof, anti-fungal and very cheap to make. I’ll probably go with milk paint/casein next time as it seems easier to make.

2. Health

Weeds- Don’t pull them, eat them and make Awesome Super food smoothies

Eat raw, and turn into Fabio

The relationship we have to ‘weeds‘ shows the problems we have in living with nature. Whenever I see someone using poisonous weed killer chemicals, I can’t help but think they are taking nature’s best and most expensive multi-vitamin bottle, and spraying deadly toxins into it.

I learnt a lot about weeds though Tim Low’s excellent book "Edible Herbs & Weeds of Australia and New Zealand" and the more you learn about the topic, the more you realize how these super foods are packed full of nutritional and amazing medicinal properties. (A photo guide to common herbs and weeds coming soon.)

An absolutely brilliant and ground-breaking way of using weeds was in making "Giant Super Food Smoothies" which I came across from raw food author Markus Rothkranz.
Simply go into your garden and look for whatever is growing that you can identify with confidence. I usually like to pick dandelion leaves or yellow flowers, Nasturtium, thistle and the golden sow thistle.

After picking your herbs you then get a clean two litre glass bottle (always use glass bottles because of the toxic leaching of BPA in plastic) and make a larger portion of your super food smoothie. I usually like to add or mix up several bananas, almonds, frozen berries, watermelon, honey, tahini, maple syrup and sometimes eggs. Make sure you go down to your continental foods shop and buy a box of Cacao (chocolate powder without the sugar and cheap too) or whatever else for taste. Occasionally I will also add some super green powders like wheatgrass, barley grass or spirulina/cholera. I usually like to buy the discounted items at the organic food shop to save money.

The reason why this is so revolutionary is that you get your whole day’s energy and nutrition from one preparation, plus you are detoxing your body from the terrible western diet of fungus and parasite-friendly bread, meat and dairy. You will be amazed at how much energy you will get from this one large bottle of nature’s goodness, and you will be getting the wonderful anti-cancer immune-boosting benefits of the edible herb and weeds. Did I mention it tastes great too?

I can’t tell you how much more energy I have from switching most of my diet over to the majority being unprocessed raw foods, and I’ve noticed I rarely get sick now especially from the contagious waves of viruses that have been going around.

Water, it’s supposed to be good for you

Anna Bligh and other politicians say: Not
wanting to drink toxic waste is
superstitious nonsense. Well drink about
5 grams straight and our problem is solved!

I am pretty flabbergasted at how many still drink tap water in Australia, and it really is no secret anymore that fluoride and the other chemicals added to our water supply are deadly and bad for our health. There is a mountain of evidence from medical professionals and scientists coming out against this very unethical and potentially criminal act of fluoridating the water supply.

Not only have I probably doubled my health and energy levels by drinking distilled water or clean spring water, but I have also noticed benefits to my health by installing a shower filter.
Did you know that we can be exposed to quite a lot of these chemicals simply from having a shower?

I bought my 8-stage shower filter off for about $129, and the seller stated it not only removes chlorine but fluoride as well. A plumber told me it was a very good filter, and for $129 I am avoiding the various deadly chemicals that vaporize into the air, as I have actually noticed there seems to be much less steam being created than before.

For those concerned about distilled water ‘leaching out trace elements’ you can throw in a grain of natural sea salt to add the trace minerals back in.

If you are going for rain water I have seen big 500 litre rain water tanks selling locally for about $110, so looking around in the classifieds/local rag can help you save heaps on rain water tanks, but make sure to check what type of plastic it is and whether or not it leaches BPA or other chemicals.

Be warned there are a lot of over-priced and not very effective reverse osmosis water filters being sold in Australia. I tested a friend’s $500 RO filter, which still needs cartridges swapped, and it still had about 60 ppm which I don’t think was good enough. My top choice would be a water distiller from EBay for $250, or making a solar distiller.

Bottled water, shake it up

I’m surprised that I seem to be in the small minority of folks who drink out of glass bottles, and people seem to comment on this when they see me. I don’t like or trust the chemicals in plastic bottles and after avoiding them I can taste the BPA and possibly other nasties in the so-called pure spring water bottles. I do not think aluminium drink containers are any good either, so why not recycle all those perfectly good wine/alcohol/juice bottles and use them?
I like to shake up my water throughout the day and energize it so that it is lighter and tastier and contains more oxygen. There is nothing like the taste of fresh water from a clean river, and the bio-dynamic practices of energizing water do seem to work. You can learn more about the amazing powers of energizing vortexes in water from the incredible research of Viktor Schauberger.

Master Mineral Supplement (MMS) – The Master of your Medicine Cabinet

Big pharma’s worst nightmare and your
best health friend

What used to be called Miracle Mineral Supplement is what I feel certain is one of the most ground breaking discoveries in medicine, and has had a long and established track record in use and in sterilizing food. MMS could possibly be the world’s most effective anti-viral, anti-parasitic agent known at this time.

This brilliant little bottle costs $25 off Ebay and gives you a year’s supply. It has saved me or helped me on several occasions, including:

  • Several nasty open wounds in Thailand that were starting to go yellow/green and become infected
    (from a motorbike accident)
  • Food poisoning on 2x occasions in Thailand on same trip
  • Killing a nasty chest flu during the swine flu wave
  • Helping to clear up several colds much faster
  • Disinfecting water
  • Neutralizing a nasty spider bite
  • Repelling bed bugs or insects
  • Getting rid of a case of pox
  • Excellent for brushing teeth and keeping teeth and gums clean and healthy

It is an absolutely essential part of my travel kit, especially if travelling into countries where food poisoning or malaria is an issue. The very corrupt medical establishment has been running a smear campaign on this great little medicine, so I would recommend stocking up on this essential household item, before they do something crazy like try and ban it. So far, MMS has been shown to be safe after being taken by tens of thousands of people across the world, unlike pharmaceutical drugs which seem to kill hundreds of thousands a year, but I guess if it works well and it denies them revenue it must be unsafe and deadly.

Jim Humble, its founder, has stated that many thousands have been cured of their malaria, and has apparently even had successes in Africa treating AIDS in combination with MMS2. As always do your research on this topic and follow the instructions. Google Jim Humble and read up on his amazing work and see for yourself the many hundreds if not thousands of very happy users from Curezone or elsewhere.

On a side note, it seems that parasites play a part in the growing amounts of disease and health problems we are seeing today, and MMS can also effectively help you get rid of harmful parasites in your body and many of the associated problems that come with them.

Everyone needs to clean the pipes out! Bring in the Douche bag

Isn’t it funny how certain words jump into popularity? Well, a certain word I’ve noticed of late being ‘douchebag’ is not colloquially describing an orange-spray-tanned male with over-gelled hair and too much jewellery, but actually one of the most miraculous health tools in the form of an Enema bag or ‘douche’.

These little beauties cost about $15-$20 on EBay, and will give great healing benefits immediately and help to cure any disease or health ailment. They are also brilliant for getting over a bad hangover or when feeling depressed or toxic.

Is it any wonder that many have to keep their energy levels up and stress levels down through the day with coffees, fatty food, cigarettes or other means? The barrage of disinformation that is put out when it comes to food and health, means that many are buying over-processed food full of additives, preservatives or other harmful chemicals, eating too much meat laden with parasites, eating too much bread, yeast or dairy foods, and not getting enough or any fresh and preferably organic, fruits, vegetables, nuts and other raw foods. It’s exactly those who would object to doing an enema that need it the most!

If you have any doubt as to the shocking stuff that is sitting in our bowels, just Google ‘Colon Mucus’ or ‘colon parasites’ and read some stories of what comes out of the typical person’s insides!

Natural Sun block

Slip slop slap eh? Well I know that the people behind this silly campaign probably need to be slapped in the head a few times. Sun block is expensive, and full of harmful additives and petro-chemicals.

We all apparently need 15 minutes of sun exposure a day and leading medical professionals are saying that lack of adequate sunlight is going to cause/is causing the next major health crisis, and I know that at primary schools they seem to push the "sun is bad" "vaccines are good" policy quite heavily.

For those hot summer days when going to the beach I like to make natural sun block that works better than the shop stuff and also keeps the moisture in my skin.

  • 5 parts olive oil
  • 5 parts sunflower, sesame or other oil
  • 2 tablespoons coconut cream
  • 1 teaspoon of honey, maple or golden syrup for tanning
  • 1 or two teaspoons of Cacao powder

Mix it up in an empty jar or maple bottle and apply liberally.

Natural Hair-Gel

For someone with curly hair that tends to turn into a boof, I simply squeeze a freshly cut orange a rub into my hair. It gives a nice wet look and I think the sugars make the hair go stiff, plus I reckon it probably protects the hair.

In Summary

So there you have it — some of my favourite Household and Health tips. I’m glad you have made it this far, and hopefully I have informed, entertained or at least offended some of you ;). I am always open to cool new ideas in this area which makes life easier and better, and when in doubt I usually find good ideas from searching on the internet or experimenting. A lot of these things, as you can see, are based on common sense and a desire to make things easier.

Some extra favourites for health & household in closing:

  • Don’t get vaccinated — vaccines are stupid, dangerous and you are a fool if you take them
  • TV is a depraved and disgusting source of filth and perversion. Learn about its harmful effects so you are turned off from it. Start watching some of the great edutainment/documentaries online instead. Some of my favourites have been TTC’s lectures on the history of freedom, permaculture, edible weeds & herbs, survival, conspiratorial history, quantum physics, success, martial arts, etc.
  • Consider stepping up in lifestyle and stepping down in consumption. Investigate living on a boat, out of a campervan, in an eco-village or intentional community, or at least growing a vege garden or edible weeds/herbs patch.
  • Stop voting for sell-out politicians and the two party fraud, they are a huge danger to our health and the whole country. Consider supporting grass roots parties/organizations like the PRI or the Australian Sovereignty Party, or getting involved yourself.

As a last added bonus for getting this far in reading my rant, here is a handy checklist I have stuck on the fridge as a simple reminder:


  1. Thanks for the wonderful combination of useful information and laughs….brought a smile to this happy homemaker’s face! I will be trying out all these great tips soon, thanks a million!

  2. nice stuff. We soak lemon peel in vinegar and use it to clean most things. A little added to bicarb makes a great booster cleaner. Good advice for a world (dare I say?) “moving forward”

  3. I have to say some of the cleaning information is worthwhile but there is also seems to be a plethora of stuff there that indicates cross purposes at best and somewhat of a lack of intellect at worst. Incorrect info on Tim Lowe’s book title; don’t you have to change your filters ever? The bacteria etc in our bowels also have functions that keep us and our bowels/guts very healthy so why don’t you just eat properly and you will shit properly as well without any extraneous assistance? What is the difference between disgusting and depraved TV and equally disgusting and depraved internet? TV actually has some great stuff showing and it really is a matter of selection. Frankly to bag one and not the other is an oxymoron. Have you not heard of SBS and ABC in Australia? Frankly, you have to be a complete moron not to be vaccinated for things like polio etc. My dad had it and it was not pretty. Having been vaccinated and also my children, I can only vouch for the practice. As for grass roots organisations, surely you could have come up with some serious ones. All up, not particularly impressive!

  4. Great to see others use bi-carb and vinegar to clean with. Vinegar is also great at getting wallpaper off walls, cleaning mirrors and windows.
    I am, however, dissapointed by your saying don’t get vaccinated or use pills or antibiotics. Do you have children? All it takes is for one person to have something, such as Whooping cough, to pass it on and if that child or person is not vaccinated, it can be fatal. Also some schools and kindergartens will not let your children attend without being vaccinated. Do you really think the government would offer free vaccinations if it was of no benefit to us all at some point?
    Having a look at your good and bad lists, I agree with most of what you have on there, but some of your “good stuff” is avaliable to us because of the bad stuff. What if you live in a regional or remote area? Or have little or no income? You may have no choice but to go with the bad.
    It’s up to us to make the right choices for ourselves and our children. Sometimes right and sometimes wrong. Find out what you can and make the decision right for you. Don’t do what society says if it’s not right for you or your family.

  5. It is almost criminal to promote this stuff as a cure for AIDS and to put it up on this web site is not responsible at all. Are you a friend of Mbeki (ex Sth African President) who made similar outrageous claims. Give us some serious peer reviewed research that supports that “many thousands have been cured of their malaria, and has apparently even had successes in Africa treating AIDS in combination with MMS2.” This is like Lord Monkton on climate change.

  6. Awesome stuff Peter. I agree with all of your views here and am doing most of these things that you suggest myself with great success. I am currently enjoying a smoothie in fact as I read this, made from weeds in my yard. I am using Nodding Top today. I have a green smoothie or two every day, avoid chemicals and as a result I have not been sick for years. Not even the slightest cold. I laugh in the face of all those who worry about the flu season!

    Getting daily sun is also a great way to avoid cancer, contrary to what we were told at school and continue to be told by “experts”. We need the sun to supply us with Vitamin D which helps us avoid cancer. Daily eating of leafy greens also helps as they oxygenate the blood. So, my advice is for everyone to get out in their garden and get some sun while picking weeds to eat! :-)

  7. I believe I have the same “8 stage” filter, also from Whilst I was happy with it I am no longer able to buy replacement filters from them as I am banned from the website because I questioned the “Australian made” claim due to the the English on replacement filter box – example “Please don’t take copies of product by force, in case that product strain leakage take place in the material, so it is unable to use normally.”

    Search for the business name and “beware” and you will see I am not the only one with negative experience……

    You can find the same unit for sale on UK sites with a search for “8 Stage Luxury Shower Filter”.

  8. MMS is bleach you fool!
    Craig must be out of town and someone else decided to publish this comic book piece!

    The famous book review of long ago is appropriate……..

    I am in the smallest room in my house,
    Your article is before me……
    It is now behind me!

  9. Please do not promote untested stuff as cure for AIDS. So many people are desperate for a cure, and it is not kind to mislead them.
    Also, not all vaccines are bad. I have seen children die of preventable diseases because their parents did not believe in vaccines. Heartbreaking.
    And living in a disaster prone country, I find the television a convenient way to get alerts about tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, floods, fires, bombing, coup de etats, earthquakes, revolutions,outbreaks, etc.
    In addition, there is no need to induce yourself to have diarrhea to clean your guts.Good food, adequate water intake, and probiotics will take care of that.

  10. Good grief.Insulting,ill informed,idiotic.I won’t go on,please stop to put this type of thing up.Embarrass me when I have to talk about Permaculture and people see this.Very very bad thing this.Desperate are African children for vaccine,desperate for aids cure.
    Mr Cambio Modong

  11. Are you a Seppo? Your lists contain a lot of Americanisms for an Australian site, or maybe just copied a US list prerhaps…

    On a lighter note I’m happy you left oil and coal out of this, I wonder if your travel to Thailand was solar or wind powered?

  12. Thanks for all your comments, and I will answer in two parts. I will preface by saying you are entitled to an opinion, but you have no entitlement to the truth. Those who profit from the death and suffering that flows from lies and propaganda have billions of dollars at their disposal so to get to the truth, its actually going to require you to put some effort in and think about things a bit outside of the box

    Firstly the context of the world we live in today is that you have to question the official line always, because ‘authorities’,’governments’ whatever you want to label them are made up out of individuals, that have been, and still are responsible for the greatest amount of death and human suffering throughout the last century and throughout history, whether operating behind the curtain or not, and they…..PROFIT from it!
    ( puppets or puppetmasters). I would recommend googling democide, which is the study of death by government, aka history, which creates a mental foundation to help pull someone out of the fairytale belief systems about governments, ethics of big organizations, politicians, cancer, vaccines, natural health etc etc. This foundation then actually allows you to actually become informed and not remain brainwashed on important topics. If you are naive and fall for the absurd belief system that vaccines are safe carte blanche without investigating this belief, your belief system has shut you off from the hundreds of reports and sources of evidence showing how corrupt and unethical big pharmacuetical companies operate, and how dangerous vaccines and the ingredients in them are. Stories are coming out left right and centre from highly credible insiders/sources, doctors, scientists etc that they are linked to autism, serious reactions and deadly side effects, and just like absurd ‘fluoridation consensus’ propaganda, its being dismantled. If only more found the ‘official’ line so controversial and upsetting perhaps we wouldnt see so many problems, horrors of war and suffering in the world today?

    Hostile skepticism about vaccines being dangerous and MMS being bleach proves how one’s context on this issue and your whole reality around these issues is reversed 180 degrees, where black is white and white is black. The psychopath is your friend and the one trying to expose him is the enemy. In summary you get angry when someone like me who cares tries to spread some informed truths, and smile while you drink up the poison propaganda from professional liars: agenda serving journalists, politicians, those who profit from the suffering. This is often the case with many in the public who are seriously brainwashed and misinformed on not only this but many issues, as proven by how quickly they believe the official propaganda and lies and discredit controversial but effectives sources of truth and innovation, and pioneering hero’s like jim humble who are promoting them. In short, I dont think I can even help you to see the reality of the situation behind these things, because your ‘operating system’ of reality is faulty, judging by how emotional you are getting about innocent alternative medicine and your lack of emotion about officially stamped poison and lies. The hostility at an alternative viewpoint is very interesting and it is incredibly misdirected, e.g. i dont see much directed hostility at certain australian politicians who are more and more politically resembling mao tse tung and a period of history with almost unimaginable horrors and epic amounts of mass murder and death. I bring this up because the problems and horrors of the past and possible future are directly related to how ignorant, misinformed or brainwashed we are

    Secondly the content of some of my points i will adress as follows:

    1. Enemas
    Yes we have the ability to pass stuff, but modern diets are full of preservatives, additives, toxins from pesticides and herbicides, multitudes of parasites and other, and coded chemicals on packages that are hidden from apathetic shopping habits. It is healthy to fast or pass the junk out

    2. Tv being depraved
    Yes I agree sbs and abc have some excellent shows on, but i have studied the mind, nlp, subconscious communication and the more i learn about television and media in general the more disturbing is the evidence of how it is directed to manipulate the conscious and subconscious mind, how it is designed to promote passivity and brainwashing and make the masses numb to what is really happening in the world

    3. Mms being bleach
    This is like saying motor oil and olive oil are both oil so they are the same. Please take the time to do some actual research instead of spouting outrageous lies from the FDA. MMS has been used for over 100 years in water purification, disinfecting food and meat, and as an antibacterial, it has a toxicity of less than salt!. It has been extensively studied by the EPA and proven to be safe. If you have been following the news organic food and farming, alternative medicine etc is under attack, whilst poison and death is being promoted as the next best thing; GM, aspartame, big pharma psychotropics etc etc, but hold on the Sun is bad, our natural immune system is bad and nature is bad! Come on folks how obvious can it get!

    4. Promoting mms is criminal
    Actually allowing yourself or your family to die or suffer a cruel disease or death is criminal, because of your choice to choose propaganda over breakthroughs, of lies over truth. Those who have an agenda to push vaccines and other such dangerous things have billions of dollars at their disposal. All it takes to stop the suffering is to be at least a LITTLE skeptical when you hear propaganda and investigate what the controversial side is saying!

    5. Forgot to put the ‘e’ at the end of ‘Low’
    Please dont insult my intelligence because of a typo or because I challenge your belief systems. Its unfortunate you had to nit-pick the bad points of my article and perhaps you put forward some grass roots organizations instead of name calling. How often do you come across anything that is controversial or covers areas of real importance in the mainstream anyway? If this happened more often we wouldnt see such a volume of outrageous lies and misinformation peddled by those who promote suffering and misery for profit!

    “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” George Orwell

    In summary if you are going to defend belief systems you may as well make them useful, and believing in vaccines etc carte blanche is very opposite to that. If anything i am overly skeptical towards those in ‘government’ and ‘authority’ and I and those around me are profoundly better off for it

  13. Peter, I really enjoyed your article and your response to the comments. I also find the responses to your article most interesting. It just goes to show people get extremely defensive when they’re usual way of living is challenged. So many have lost their thought process when it comes to consumption, no one really wants to question the reality of where all their food, water and medicine comes from and most importantly whose governing these kind of systems.

    In relation to vaccines I think for a more friendly way to understand Peter’s point about them is to watch the latest movie ‘Contagion’ and I think the only reason this movie is allowed to play is because it is a fictitious story used as a form of entertainment (taking the seriousness out of a potential issue) but makes some really good points of the motives of authority, government and pharmaceuticals. People make money from finding “cures” and developing vaccines. Whether 10 or so years down the track whatever was in that vaccine could harm or kill you is of no concern. They’re businesses they need to make money and they’re making millions from peoples ability to readily trust in big authoritative figures and they’re inability to think about, question or challenge them.

    Compared to that, you have to think what are Peter’s motives for sharing this with us. He could have simply told us to use bi-carb soda and vinegar and be done with it possibly get paid or further his name a little. For him to give us an informative article that offers simple, transparent (we know what goes into these things or can at least find out) solutions, with some solutions harder to accept, while risking obvious judgment and verbal abuse is admirable, shows he actually cares and definitely what I want to see more of.

    Sincerely, an open-minded 20 year old.

  14. (A blind faith that leads people to serve while unaware of intentions which they do not understand, people who would come to be known thereafter as useful idiots. A term possibly coined by Lenin.) The “useful idiots” are the only way our corruptors in authority could pass these lies and dirty deeds off like they do and get away with it. They don’t love truth. It is those that are not the useful idiots that are despised, persecuted, and executed by the corrupted authority and their useful idiots that work for them and cooperate with them. Truth will not be mainstream until the King of truth rules the earth.

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