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Frank is Unwell

I hadn’t heard from Frank for a while, and due to evidence of some mental instability the last time I caught up with him, I though it high time to track him down and have a good ‘ol natter. It’s tough being a cartoon, particularly a cartoon who is quite aware of our present state of affairs. Why? Well, you can feel rather helpless. What can a cartoon character really do to make a difference in a world of harsh realities?

As it happened, when I finally tracked him down, Frank had boarded up his windows and was deep into a self-pitying hedonistic binge…. It wasn’t a pretty sight. In the hope of catching a glimpse of his former glory, and perhaps reawakening some of his former environmental passion, I asked him if he didn’t have a few words to share with our readers. This is what he had to say….

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Courtesy: Marc Roberts

I’ll check in on him again soon. Hopefully he’ll snap out of this…. Given his past, it’d be a crying shame if he spent his autumn years in despondency, even if rather justified. If you have any words of encouragement for Frank, feel free to send them by way of comment below. He probably won’t admit it, but I know that during commercial breaks he’s still catching up with our site and others like it.


  1. It seems Frank has fallen foul of the doomsayer’s inevitable nemesis – paralysis. I’ll try and put some metaphorical rockets up his backside. Or maybe take him for a long walk in a food forest.

  2. Dear Frank,

    It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the immensity of how badly the human race has utterly failed at being stewards of this planet but, for all the bad that grabs the headlines please remember that there is a growing silent minority who are working, hard, to go in a different direction.

    And your grumbling, snarky voice has spurred a number of them that direction. Every rant, every pointed comment, every dumbfounded response to Ern opens a new set of eyes to the problems in front of us and gives them a kick in the ass to do something about it.

    So take your time to eat some pizza and recharge the batteries, but please remember that there are those out there who need your voice.

    one of those idiots who needed that kick in the ass

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