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Online Non-GMO Speaker Training (Webinar) with Jeffrey Smith begins in June

Dear Friends,

We invite to join us for our next Online Non-GMO Speaker Training Webinar with Jeffrey Smith.

When: June 14, 21, 28, & July 12th
Time: 8:00pm-10:00pm EST
Cost: $80 Individual / $140 Couple Early Discount Before May 20th $70/$120

Register Online

Partial scholarships are available — please contact scholarships (at)

Speaker Training Course Description:

Join international bestselling author and filmmaker Jeffrey M. Smith to learn how to speak about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and to organize effective activism on the issue. Whether you want to give complete presentations or simply add a GMO section to your current lecture, whether you’re planning to discuss GMOs in a professional setting with clients or just with friends in a casual way, or whether you want to be a leading anti-GMO campaigner or simply want to help out where you can, don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from the leading spokesperson on GMO health dangers.

You will learn:

  • The five components of a GMO presentation, and the studies, quotes, statistics, and concepts to convey each;
  • Why genetically engineered foods are dangerous for our health and environment;
  • How to customize PowerPoint slides (provided) for desired length and focus;
  • Proven ways to motivate people to change their diets on-the-spot;
  • How to facilitate an "activist circle," converting a first meeting into an organized campaign in as little as 30 minutes!

During the workshop you will:

  • Receive a scripted PowerPoint, sample recorded lectures, a facilitators’ guide, and comprehensive list of reference materials;
  • Practice presenting in small groups; and
  • Have plenty of time for questions and answers, to gain confidence in the material.

Workshop graduates can:

  • Join a GMO Speakers Bureau for increased presentation opportunities;
  • Participate in ongoing teleconferences and webinars;
  • Team up with others in your area; and Join the network of active campaigners reclaiming a non-GMO food supply.

What our alumni say about the training:

"The Speaker Training has given me a level of authority in any discussion regarding genetically modified organisms. I would rate my preparedness a 6 before the training and a 9 afterwards." — L.B., Los Angeles

"Jeffrey’s Training was chock full of compelling information and great visuals of the Power Point presentation. I appreciated his down to earth style, sense of humor and emphasis on the positive." — B.U., New Paltz, NY

"Jeffrey Smith’s GMO Speaker Training is fantastic. Jeffrey’s training really helped me pull together everything I’ve learned and focus on the most important aspects of the GMO issue. He taught us how to speak about the GMO issue, simply and succinctly. It’s an invaluable training and highly recommended for everyone." — S. F., Moms for Safe Food


  1. “don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from the leading spokesperson on GMO health dangers.”

    “The leading spokesperson” on what metric? Income from online seminars?

    Here’s the thing, if they were raising cash to put this info out there for everyone at no cost, I’d donate the fee.

    Come save the world from GMO, inform your fellow man from the comfort of your own home, one $80 fee at a time, ad infinitum.

    Everything, is seems, is a business model.

  2. Last time I looked into GMO’s, I found many of the anti-GMO facts were attributed to Mr. Smith or his books. Unfortunately he doesn’t have any credentials, and some of his other beliefs (eg. yogic flying) probably mean his judgment and critical thinking skills are questionable.

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