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2011 Southern California Permaculture Convergence

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What: 2011 Southern California Permaculture Convergence
April 29 to May 1, 2011
Where: Camp Hess Kramer, in
Malibu, CA

The Los Angeles Permaculture Guild is excited to be hosting this year’s convergence at Camp Hess Kramer, located in the Santa Monica Mountains along the ocean near the LA/Ventura border. The theme of this gathering is: Reconnect, Reskill, Regenerate. The mission of this gathering is to provide concrete tools for revitalizing our global culture, and to inspire new leaders to proactively revitalize and elevate their communities.

It Takes a Village to Regenerate

Experience a three-day festival of hands-on workshops, lectures, round tables, nature walks, and more — all exploring the many facets of land care and people care in Southern California! Throughout the weekend, workshops such as identifying wild edible plants, traditional fire making, green remodeling, composting and harvesting rainwater will connect participants with exciting and practical skills. Ceremony, music and storytelling will be woven throughout the weekend. Live musical performances, organic meals, multiple forms of accommodations, and activities for children are all included with the weekend pass or day pass. Our keynote speakers, Penny Livingston, Mark Lakeman, Art Ludwig, Warren Brush and Brock Dolman, are leaders of a new way of thinking based on positive solutions for living holistically within our environment. There will also be many local presenters and live musical performances by Clayton Joseph Scott, J Brave of the Luminaries and Fabiano do Nascimento.

Why Permaculture?

In response to the economic and environmental challenges we face, the global permaculture movement has spurred communities into action to share resources and solve problems based on natural models. More of us are being educated and recognizing the need to create alternative, more cost effective, and healthier ways of living. The goal of the conference is to help our culture believe that we can make a difference in the way we live and how we treat our Earth, as well as to provide people with practical tools to begin that process. Gathering together rekindles our spirit of community and reminds us that we are part of a movement that is the change we want to see in the world.


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