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Nuclear Energy: A Resource for an Insane Society

Bill Mollison groups the earth’s resources into five categories. These resources are:

  1. Those which increase by modest use. For example, green browse that is uneaten by deer may become hard and unpalatable.
  2. Those unaffected by use. Some examples are a view or a good climate, hydroelectric power.
  3. Those which disappear or degrade if not used. An example is an unharvested crop of an annual.
  4. Those reduced by use. Some examples are a fish or game stock unwisely used, clay deposits, coal and oil.
  5. Those which pollute or destroy other resources if used. Examples include radioactives, super highways, large buildings.
    Categories 1-3 are those most commonly produced in natural systems and rural living situations, and are the only sustainable basis of society. Categories 4 and 5 are the result of urban and industrial development, and if not used to produce permanent beneficial changes to the ecosystem, become pollutants (some are permanent pollutants in terms of the lifetimes of people).It follows that a sane society manages resources categories 1 to 4 wisely, bans the use of resource category 5, and regulates all uses to produce sustainable yield. – Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual, p.16

One Comment

  1. two truckies got mad in woomerakankie

    pudge was loud and mick was cranky

    in the midst of the heat and seriously swilling

    what are they building this mystery road for?

    it’s a smooth approach to a nuclear waste store!

    nah it’s a cake more concerned with illegal rank war

    so freedom scours more deserts with a morsel of the willing

    neither approves of either purpose

    pudgie’s due in mudgee

    and mick heads off to surfers

    skinny mick fueled in coolangatta

    while pudge still queued in wangaratta

    they managed to conflate each others’ chatter

    and eyebrows raise at coolangatta

    where they vouchsafed the road was for the latter

    convenient how currency quiets clatter

    mick piped up but iraq’s in tatters!

    the lesser of the evils might be nuclear schmatters!

    as pudge tied his tarp at wangaratta

    a sixty foot nuke drew in to have a natter

    do you know the way to woomerakanker?

    my rig’s converted from a petrol tanker

    there are many like this will be passing through

    all dressed like me in a yellow suit too

    pudge thought long and scratched a chin

    at last he knew why the road was put in

    got on the hooter and breaker breaker

    come in mick we got a yellow caker

    mick to pudgie loud and clear

    don’t ya worry bout that!

    is still a habit up here

    as yellow pat pulled out from wangaratt

    pudge stuck out his head and he yelled to pat

    hey yellow let em know in woomerakank

    I take a size 24 ! and can borrow a tank

    mick held the floor in coolangatta

    probing the probity of either matter

    I’ve just heard a rumour from wangaratta

    the purpose of the road ….is nuclear schmatter

    then logistics called up and mick’s speech was cut

    we need a thousand barracks at woomerakankie but!

    can you start to cart a part

    of the freight at eight

    yep! said mick

    but more tempered phoned his mate

    I’ve got two tips for an outback meetin

    but the dividends are as short as life is fleetin

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