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Southern CA Permaculture Convergence: April 29 – May 1, 2011

Hundreds of Environmentalists are gathering in Malibu. People from all over the southern California will gather to share skills and knowledge to regenerate the Earth.

Southern Californians from San Luis Obispo to the Mexico border are waking up to the need to create an alternative to the collapsing economy and environmental destruction. Gathering this April in Malibu, hundreds of people will be learning and sharing traditional skills as well as modern approaches to healing our soil and our relationships. According to the organizers of the 2nd annual Southern California Permaculture Convergence, this event will spark new leaders and give them concrete tools to revitalize their neighborhoods.

"The times we are facing are challenging. We need a community of people who have the skills to grow food and cultivate healthy relationships if we are to make a smooth transition," says event organizer Sean Jennings. "Gathering together rekindles our spirit of community, it remind’s us that we are not alone." Others seem to agree. Already, scores of people have signed up to be part of this historic event. People from a wide range of backgrounds brought together in the belief that positive change is possible.

Skills such as identifying wild edibles, creating compost, and traditional fire making are being presented to reconnect people with how we interact with the land. The opportunity to reconnect with each other will happen through Tribal Council and such workshops as Nonviolent Communication and Coyote Mentoring. Ceremony, Culture and Storytelling is weaved throughout the gathering, bringing participants closer to themselves and each other. We’re also honoured to welcome Penny Livingston, Mark Lakeman, Brock Doleman, Warren Brush, & Larry Santoyo as our keynote speakers this year.

The 2nd annual Permaculture Convergence is happening April 29th – May 1st in Malibu. It is organized as an event to help catalyze change. If you want to know more or get involved, head to

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