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National Permaculture Day – Sunday May 1st, 2011

Dear Permies

Australia’s National Permaculture Day (NPD) this year will be Sunday May 1st . (Although some events will start on Sat of that weekend.) It is definitely off to a great start as we, Permaculture Sydney North, (PSN) were successful in receiving a grant for $19,715 for the day, from the Commonwealth Govt Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry. The "Community Action Grant" is to promote sustainable agriculture in both urban and rural environments, conserving bio-diversity and the environment. The grant is for promotion and publicity of the event — production of materials, a short you-tube promo video etc, and a small contribution to administration and co-ordination of the big day. This in and of itself was a big achievement.

Like last year, events will be held around the country with open homes and farms, films, educational workshops, permablitzes and a range of other things. This is an opportunity for the public to see positive permaculture projects in action, to talk personally to the people living and experiencing it. Its also an opportunity for the Pc movement to showcase itself. Last year thousands flocked to find out what Permaculture is all about, to see home gardens and to find answers or solutions to problems. This year promises to be even bigger and better with many more individual permies and groups on board. There are loads of benefits for groups, individuals, businesses and Permaculture and I’d encourage all to get involved.

Whilst PSN has the management responsibility of the event this year (as the auspicing body of the grant), the event has very much been a collaborative project of Permaculture Sydney (a joint effort of all Pc groups across the whole Sydney Bioregion). Not being an incorporated body, Pc Sydney is not eligible to apply for or receive grants but it has been actively involved in making this happen since APC8 when it was first proposed.

This year we have produced a range of material to promote the event. All of the most recent items produced are available to download on the Permaculture Day Website. Simply head to and click on the “Media/Downloads” link at the top of the page. There you will find a range of other posters and flyers and templates (A4, A3, DL etc) you will be able to use for the event and distribute through your community. Also see the Sydney Program flyer that other cities or bioregions might like to emulate. I think you’ll agree it all looks impressive, especially with Josh Byrnes’ quote.

The Website is still being developed and we hope that within the next few days you will be able to register your event online. Please keep your eye on the site and register your event as soon as possible.

Here’s a tentative program (PDF) to give you an idea of what to expect.

The day will be promoted across Australia. Look out for Ads and stories in the next edition of Organic Gardener and other publications as well as on taxis. A you tube promotional video is currently being prepared and media releases and stories will be released this week to National and State journalists and publishers. Officials from the minister’s office want to visit some of the places (especially broad acre permaculture) so if you’re up for this please let me know.

Aims of National Permaculture Day include:

  1. to promote Permaculture
  2. to inspire the public to get involved
  3. grow membership for local permaculture groups
  4. direct people to permaculture workshops and courses
  5. celebrate permaculture, local groups and collective action
  6. provide an annual event which to bring a sense of a cohesive whole to Permaculturalists across Australia.
  7. encourage the development of Permaculture systems and landscapes across the country at a time when it is so desperately needed.

Future considerations

Whilst PSN received funding and is largely co-ordinating the event this year, it is not something it necessarily wants to continue doing and the Pc movement should consider how this event moves forward into the future. Should this be a project for a National body to administer? an International body (as its envisaged it will become international very quickly)?; should it be rotated around states, for state, regional or bioregional groups to co-ordinate? or is there some other way??

You might also like to consider how this is to funded in the future. We won’t be able to get this grant every year so, should and could it be self-funded and sponsored by Permaculture businesses? say by a gold, silver or bronze sponsorship arrangement? Is it the work and responsibility of non-profit Permaculture community groups or other groups and individuals?

If you love Permaculture and want to help, please get involved. Keep your eye on the website, register your event, use the materials provided, and just do it, but do it well.

Penny Pyett
Co-ordinator NPD 2011

Penny Pyett
Local Groups & Transition Towns Coordinator 2010
Permaculture Sydney North
phone 02 9888 2575 or 1300 887 145
email pennypyett (at)
post PO Box 1145 Chatswood NSW 2057

Meetings held at the ‘Ku-ring-gai Centre for Seniors’
259 Pacific Highway Lindfield


  1. HI Penny, Permaculture Noosa and Maroochy Permaculture/community gardens will be holding a full days events at the Maroochy Community Gardens at Yandina Qld, Costa will be opening the day and we will have speakers, workshops and garden tours all day, Costa will also be presenting. Will post more information as we confirm all our fabulous permie presenters. Should be a great day. Cheers Leonie Shanahan

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