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Help Us Give You What You Want

Do you really understand what the Worldwide Permaculture Network is all about?

The WPN represents many months of work.
Now is your chance to pitch in a little, and
directly benefit with improved functionality
and more capabilities.

In a world seemingly gone mad, permaculture is reinvigorating countless individuals worldwide – giving them hope by giving them tools (knowledge) to equip them to live free, secure, healthy and happy. The Worldwide Permaculture Network (WPN) is an outgrowth of this trend. Indeed, the WPN itself becomes a giant toolbox, where all the members’ knowledge can be shared amongst each other!!

Scenario(s): Imagine if you’re living in, say, a residential urban home, and are looking at ways to increase your resiliency and sustainability. Then, imagine if you could search a database of thousands of like-minded souls, filtering the results to constrain them to just people in similar circumstances as your own – i.e. ‘urban’, ‘residential’.

Then, why not drop in a climate zone filter to get even more relevant results?

What if you have a rural commercial block, and you see the writing on the wall in regards to soil depletion and the spiraling costs of agricultural inputs, and you want to connect with others who were in similar circumstances, but who have since forged a more intelligent path you could follow? You filter accordingly – ‘rural’, ‘commercial’ – and see where it takes you.

After browsing what you find, you discover individuals you feel you ‘click’ with, and you start following their updates, so you can learn how they’re doing things, and why. In a spirit of symbiosis, you also give back by way of sharing your own experiences with them.

Imagine you’re looking to take a permaculture course. You search for ‘Projects listing courses’ and find an excellent course near you – and then you click through to check out the teacher’s profile, right from the course listing, and then continue from there to view the profiles and activities of students he/she has taught.

What if you’re looking for a consultant to help you transform your own yard? Well, you filter the people search by ‘consultant’ and add in a location keyword to find one near you. Imagine if you’re a project leader working on a sub-Saharan aid endeavour – how about searching for ‘aid worker’ to find a possible volunteer looking to help, and when you find someone of interest, make initial contact via the system’s internal messaging system.

Imagine you want to start a whole new kind of school – one that equips its students for the world that will be, and not the one that was. Of course you get started searching – filtering to ‘school project’ – and see what you can learn from others doing likewise.

You can do all this, and much more, on the WPN. It’s literally the world map of permaculture.

The WPN can be a game- and world-changer

If it’s not already abundantly clear, the Worldwide Permaculture Network (WPN) has enormous potential to be an absolute game-changer for those who want to leverage each other’s work and infuse Joe Public with enthusiasm – just when Joe Public thought all was lost. Our educational systems, our economists and our politicians may all have failed us, but with the WPN we can help each other begin to rebuild the world from the ground up – no matter how far apart we are in distance. Whether you’re in a high-rise apartment in Manhattan, or living in a rural village in India, there will always be other permaculturists in similar circumstances as your own.

The WPN is what you make it

The above is just part of the WPN vision. Many of you understand it, and have signed up as a result. Now, what the WPN will ultimately become, and how useful it can be, is largely up to you. Make updates, share knowledge, share enthusiasm and learn from others (and don’t forget to thank those others for it!).

But wait, there’s more. There are many more capabilities that could be added to the WPN. Indeed, via our feedback form you’re asking for features we’ve already had on our things-we-want-to-do list for a while! Why not help make the WPN all it can be?

Please help us give you what you’re asking for!

Our developers are discounting their rates, as they are excited about the potential of this system also. Please ‘Chip In’, using the donation tool at top right.

The old saying has never been truer: "The world is what you make it."

P.S. Message to webmasters: Bloggers and webmasters are invited to help out by copying the embed code from the widget above and pasting it into their own sites. Feel free to use the text on this page to accompany it.


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  1. Your vision & execution are appreciated. Please contact me – I would like to discuss some aspects of the world wide communication of permaculture that are appropriate to your query – but beyond the scope of this comment box. Looking forward …

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