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All Washed Up

Courtesy: Marc Roberts


  1. I heard in TV yesterday that most of the remaining oil on Earth is to be found in tar sands. Are we going to shovel down the surface of the Earth, like in Alberta, until the spending of oil for this extraction reaches the ratio of 1:1, to keep up with our lifestyle?

    Poor Canada, Madagascar and other countries with oil sand. Here they want to destroy my beloved Totenåsen Hills with an industrial park of windmills:

    I can just imagine how I would have felt if they were going to shovel down my beloved hills for tar sands exploitation!

  2. In the same documentary they stated that the world’s oil consumption is 31 billion barrels of oil per year, which means about 1000 barrels of oil per second. I’ve not calculated if this is correct, anyway it’s terrifying.

    When all free oil is spent one can just imagine what areas that must be shoveled down to extract 1000 barrels of oil from tar sands per second!

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