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Final Frontier?

Courtesy: Marc Roberts


  1. @Øyvind: I’m afraid they eventually will start drilling at the Lofoten, especially now that oil prices are steadily rising and the other Norwegian oil fields peaked years ago. I actually hardly ever hear anyone protest against it, even though i’m 18 years old, and it should be the people of my age that protest against such things. I guess most Norwegians are too occupied by their new car and vacation to the south or simply don’t care about what happens to one of the wildest and most beautiful regions in Europe and just want more money.

  2. Well, the real issue here is whether you are about to need some of the oil others want to extract from there or not. If you do you are to blame as much as them as you are the driving force.

  3. I heard something interesting on TV Sunday that in 90 % of the Earth’s history there were no fire, because there were no carbon to burn and no oxygen to burn it with. Actually, for fire to occur the oxygen level needs to be at least 13 % of the atmosphere.

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