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  1. Well, while pretty much everybody seems to somehow feel that this attitude issue is where our big problems come from, many people presumably nevertheless would be scared to see this expressed quantitatively in the planning for the future produced by chicago school economists.

    One of their key claims is that future generations should pay more to deal with climate change than present ones, for they will be richer due to economic growth, and hence it will be easier for them to afford this.

    And they have equations that precisely say “how much more”.

    A resource shortage induced economic crash? Not going to happen according to them – of course “progress” will continually drive down our resource dependency.

  2. Thank you Thomas for this information! Now I see that our prime minister, who is an economist by education, actually believes in what he says when he proclaims that we need economical growth to transform to a green economy. Earlier I thought this was just a statement to collect voters, now I see this is an ideology which my prime minister is supporting.

    I think these people are those who like to proclaim themselves as “technology optimists.” Personally I look at myself as a “design optimist,” or to be more precise a “permaculture design optimist.”

    While I feel the “technology optimists” look at everybody that don’t support their ideology as “un-cool” and “old fashioned,” my personal experience is that there is nothing as cool and ground breaking as being a PERMACULTURE DESIGN OPTIMIST!

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