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Tiny House Movement, Small House = Big Life

In the face of growing problems with climate change, and the unpredictable rumblings of the economy and housing challenges of the USA, there seems to be a wonderfully positive and exciting revolution/movement happening in the United States and in other places of the world: the Tiny House movement.

It seems that many more thousands are catching on to what Henry David Thoreau had in mind over 150 years ago in his classic ‘Walden’; that happiness can be found with minimal posessions, that simple living and closeness to nature can offer true satisfaction.

I feel pretty certain that the American/Australian/Western dream of a big house will rapidly crumble away in 2011, as political upheavals, further extremes in weather and a wide host of other factors offer the tiny house as a real and tangible lifesaver for many. So many have been opting for this ‘downsizing’ in living space due to financial reasons, but have found an abundance of benefits and a literal ‘upsizing’ of their lifestyles. The advantages they state are abundant, including reducing their consumption and energy usage to a fraction of what they were before, huge savings in paying for ‘big’ mortgages and debt on ‘big’ houses, and escaping the consumerist trap of the typical ‘rat race‘ lifestyle.

CNN reports that these houses can cost on average from $15,000-$40,000, but my own experiences have shown that its realistic to get into your own ‘tiny-house’ for under $10,000, and I have been creating a comfortable eco-campervan living space with a budget so far of $7,000. Whether its a camper, transportable or caravan/motorhome, why wait til you are 65 to enjoy the retirement lifestyle, why not enjoy your youth now? It does not have to be tiny either, for a little bit more money or effort a roomy and comfortable eco-lifestyle can be created, for example with a truck frame or bus converted into a living space.

I feel a lot of excitement and optimism when I see these kinds of reports, as I believe that alongside the eco-movement and a global consciousness shift towards living greener, saving money and reducing consumption, is an evolution in thinking towards creating happier lifestyles and work that fulfills our need for passion and excitement in our lives. These small houses, and accompanying small expenditures to get started, create what I believe is this greatest super-benefit: freedom and space to do ‘work’ that we are truly passionate about, and to have the lifestyle of our dreams.

There is a ton of information on the internet so be sure to have a look into it.

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  1. If not for wives and building codes, I think we could make darn nice houses for a couple thousand dollars.

    Btw, here in the US this video “is not available in my country.”

  2. We just recently completed and moved into a 66 square metre house. The best house I have ever lived in. Very well insulated and with good sun aspect, and in the middle of our 1100 metre altitude winter, we immediately found that this house is so easy to keep warm. On my own, I’d be happy to be in a 30 square metre house which is the smallest our council would allow us to build and next time round, I will build 30 sqm. This house is cozy but with the good design it actually feels roomy. There would be few houses in our town with the amount of insulation that we have.

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