Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course with Bill Mollison (Guest Speaker), Geoff & Nadia Lawton, Warren Brush & Brad Lancaster

What: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Where: Amman, Jordan
When: 3rd – 15th September 2011

Bill Mollison

Brad Lancaster

Warren Brush

Geoff Lawton
Nadia Lawton

Starting September 3, 2011, students will be treated to what will likely be one of the most dynamic Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses ever!

This course will run immediately prior to the Tenth International Permaculture Conference (IPC10) in Jordan. It’s a great opportunity to combine attendance at the world’s premier permaculture gathering with taking your PDC with some of the world’s most experienced and best permaculture teachers. Indeed, the IPC’s Convergence, a four day permaculture gathering that runs after the 1-day open-to-the-public Conference, is only open to PDC graduates. If you haven’t already graduated from a PDC, this course will make you eligible to attend the Convergence.

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  1. Dear sir/ma
    I am writing in response to your publication on the internet to be a part of your wonderful International Permaculture Conference and Convergence (IPC10) programme that will assist serious and determined individuals who have a great passion and zeal for farming to attain quality practical skills and techniques of modern system of Permaculture farming for the purpose of promoting Agricultural Sustainability.

    I am very delighted to come across this great conference programme of this reputable organization. The initiation of this type of sustainable Agricultural project is a very reliable programme because it will enlighten youth and ensure that individuals have the capacity to effect positive and meaningful changes as a individual and leaders in their communities, home, and their life’s work and it will create opportunities for individuals to experience food and Agricultural Sustainability as integral parts of their education and everyday life. Keep up the good work, God will surely reward this organization with more prosperity and blessing in their works (Amen).

    I am Adeoye Adegboyega Ademola, a citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria in West Africa. I was born in November 18th 1983 in Ijebu ode village in Nigeria, West Africa. I am a Christian; I graduated from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, a renowned University of technology in Nigeria in 2007, with a bachelor degree of Technology (B.Tech) in Agricultural Engineering. Presently I am a Teacher in Ola Oluwa Group of Schools; I am the Agricultural Science Teacher of the School. I initiated a programme in the School and in the community called The Young Farmers Club, in which I used it as a medium of mobilizing the students of the school and the youth in my community for the purpose of reorientating them on the need to contribute to Agricultural Sustainability which is the only way to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger which is very rampart in my community in Africa. I am also a member of the Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals in which I have taken courses on Health Safety and Environment in order to acquire the skills of preventing various hazardous events from happening in the farm due to various activities performed in the farm that could lead to land degradation problems such as drought, deforestation, erosion, desert encroachment, flooding and pollution. I am also a local volunteer member of the United Nation Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which I served between March 2009 to March 2010 during my National Youth Service corps which is a mandatory one year programme for all fresh graduate of university in Nigeria to serve their father land before engaging or being involved in Labour market. I used that opportunity to go to the rural community which is our mandate to create awareness, facilitate and to re-orientate the pupils, students and the villagers on the importance of MDGs which I was trained on and how to achieve the eight goals. One of the goals is to prevent extreme poverty and hunger and this can only be achieved through the practice of Permaculture through Agricultural Sustainability project. I am a self motivated individual with a positive attitude and curious mind who have a strong passion and interest in practical training, learning with experience in Sustaining Agriculture because learning is achieved through experience.
    When I was in primary school, I lost my father who is the bread winner of the family, so I depend on the environment for Cassava and maize farming which is my mother profession. I was so determined to go to school because I have great passion for Agricultural Science which is an important factor in life, although it was so tough because there was no support from any family member but with God’s help on my mother , I was able to complete my first degree programme. I was determined to become an Agricultural and Environmental Engineer/Scientist in order to solve the problems of Scarcity of foods, Land degradation problems, and poor sanitary conditions. In rural areas where I grew up, we depend on forest and domestic energy for livelihood because of our level of ignorant and this lead to sterilization of lands, desertification, deforestation and erosion which is a source of high risk to my environment. When I gained admission to the University, I was exposed to many things concerning the Agricultural and Environment issues, so I took up the challenges of becoming a volunteer member of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in my community in order to reorient ate the rural dwellers on the need to achieve MDGs objectives. This circumstances stimulated me to develop great interest to pursue more professional training in Environmental science after my first degree by joining the Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals and I obtained some training and experience in the areas of Health Safety and Environment Management System, Waste management, Environmental awareness, Good House Keeping,Contigency Management, Confined Space Safety, Job Hazard Analysis, and many other courses that could make me fit to participate confidently as Agricultural and Environmental Scientist in the community in order to prevent Environmental degradation which result into erosion,drought,desertification,deforestation, in the rural communities with the aim of taking precaution measures to ensure that dangerous situations do not occur in the course of operations which may result to injury, illness to person, damage to assets or loss of life that will affect the economy of the employee, the industry and the nation through consequential loss of funds and at last making the Environment within which they operate more conducive for operational work.

    I want to come and be a part of your Permaculture conference programme in order to acquire professional practical skills and knowledge to achieve my dream of becoming a Biodynamic Farmer and food activist/entrepreneur with a focus on organic and sustainable agriculture, community living, and service to children. In Nigeria many of our youths are not interested in devoting their time to practice Agriculture because they see it as a dirty and unattractive job and this has caused a lot of hardship in the area of food security in Nigeria. I strongly believe that the only way by which we can promote Agricultural Sustainability is to catch the student young from tender age and introduced them to modern system of farming like Permaculture .I have already initiated a programme/club which is called the young farmers club since 2009 in which I go to various schools in the weekends and teach student on how to promote Agricultural Sustainability in the community which I believe it is a good source of wealth creation and also a means of reducing hunger in Africa. The lands where I farm are not well fertile due to the problem of high temperature condition with minimal rainfall. We only plant cassava which does not require a lot of water, sometimes little quantity of maize, pawpaw, and banana due to the problems of the climatic factors. The student are not happy at all when they come to the farm due to the levels of farming because they only see us planting one type of crop every year thinking that Agriculture practice is not attractive, and they are all getting discourage in putting passion for Agriculture, that is the reason why I visited the internet to confirm what we can do to improve Agriculture Practice in my community where student can learn and see new things every day. While browsing on the internet I come across what is called Permaculture which is a principle that can be applied to any environment at any scale from dense urban settlements to individual homes from farm to entire regions in order to develop the aim of creating stable productive systems that provide for human needs, and harmoniously integrating the land with its inhabitants. I was so delighted to come across your wonderful conference on the internet, I never knew that something great like this is happening around in the world. I found all your conference programme as a very great opportunity for us in our community to keep the young farmers club alive in my community by giving me a free sponsorship to be part of your conference programme in order to help us to keep our dreams alive and to attain our utmost desire of promoting Agricultural Sustainability and to prevent the problems of extreme poverty and hunger. I came from a very poor background and I have junior ones and a widow mother to cater for that is why I can’t afford the price for this wonderful conference and I believe that you can help me through your sponsorship to be part of this programme. Through this programme I will be able to contribute positively to the development of Agricultural Sustainability to my community by initiating a programme that will perform the following functions; by providing equal access to health, high quality and affordable food for people in the community, by providing hands on training, on the ground demonstration outreach and technical assistance through the development of community food systems that help people grow, process market and distribute food in a sustainable manner; by assisting growing power in all aspects of community food systems, urban Agriculture, small farmer outreach and youth development via innovative sustainable approaches and many more reasonable programmes.

    I will be very grateful if this great organization can extend their hand of favour to consider me to be part and be eligible for this conference, Even though I have not obtain any PDC, but this is the only way you the professionals can assist the serious and determined ones from other regions in the developing countries to acquire quality practical skills in order to join hands with you to contribute positively to the development of Agricultural Sustainability all over the world because you are always far ahead of us and we are always looking forward onto your foot step to imitate in order to be successful, that is the most reason why you must always consider us in order to equipped us with skills for the purpose of preventing universal extreme poverty and hunger which is very rampart in some part of Africa.
    I attached copies of some the farm works being carried out in the young farmers club. Please help me so that God Almighty will favour you.
    I will be looking forward to hear from you back and I promise to make myself available whenever needed. THANKS

    Yours faithfully
    Adeoye Adegboyega

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