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Please join a Non-GMO Action Group TODAY

This is the most important newsletter article I have written in 7 years. It’s time to mobilize local and national Non-GMO Groups and you’re warmly invited…

Local Non-GMO Action Groups

When I was in Boulder, Colorado this past November, we advertised a meeting for those interested in helping to get the word out on GMOs. Nearly 70 people showed up! During the two hour session, people shared resources and ideas, set a regular meeting time each month, and divided into sub-groups based on areas of interest. Those outreach groups focused on healthcare professionals, restaurants, schools, local and national government, media, and others.

A month earlier, I helped form similar groups in California—in San Diego, Santa Cruz, San Rafael, and El Cerrito. In fact, anytime I give a public lecture, there are ample numbers of passionate people who want to contribute in some way to help end GMOs. And now we have trained nearly 200 non-GMO speakers.

It is time for us to get organized.

National Non-GMO Groups for Targeted Outreach

Many of the same outreach sub-groups that emerged in Boulder were also formed in California. Parents, healthcare practitioners, university students, etc., naturally want to bring the non-GMO message to their own networks. To make their efforts most effective, we are linking like-minded folks all over the country into National Non-GMO Action Groups. Thus, people reaching out to public schools or doctors in Boulder, for example, will benefit from the skills and experience of others doing the same.

Each national group will have their own listserve, forum, and teleconferences.
They will develop the strategy and materials that work best for their targeted area, and volunteer experts can assist them with the creation of brochures, videos, letters, etc.

Please tell us if you would like to join a local group in your area, and if you have interest in doing outreach to a particular group. Whether you want to spend just a few minutes a week posting non-GMO information on your FaceBook page, or you want to lead a local or national group, now is the time to sign up.

It’s time to mobilize the national non-GMO movement, have fun, and change the world. Join us for this completely new program.

Click here to sign up now.


  1. I just learned about a guy named Drew Endy, who works for making genes and genetically engineering available for everyone. It seems like he’s most interesting in creating enormously many new plants etc., rather than protecting the overwhelming biodiversity evolved by nature, and which we now are about to erase:

    Anybody who can tell me more about this guy and what he’s up with?

    1. These groups need to consolidate. Get legal, scientific and political representation to properly fight against these forces. This effort is to dispersed to go beyond informing the population .
      We need a political watchdog to monitor legislation as well. Pooling these resources is the only way to take action.

  2. is stewart brand the same guy in the channel 4 debate of that docu “what the green movement got wrong”? some people think that permaculture/organics is backwards/primitivist but it is a better solution than GM in the “long-term”.

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