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Wood – the Way of the Future?

This old U.S. Forest Service clip, featuring Laurel and Hardy, is a very interesting look at the life that was before we started making all of our ‘stuff‘ out of oil. With oil now or soon to be a declining resource, even greater pressure will be put onto our forests to supply all those things we cannot seem to live another day without. This is a bit of a concern when you consider that our population has more than tripled since 1941 when the video was made, and our expectations about how we should live has multiplied even more so.

Wood could certainly fill some gaps, and unlike oil it doesn’t have to be a finite resource, but damn, we’d need to do it carefully….

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  1. Excellent video. It makes perfect sense, and unlike the absurd amounts of money and infrastructure needed to extract one barrel of oil, not to mention the pollution problems, wood would be much more efficient. From what ive read on it hemp was going to be the ‘blood’ of industry in the past, and yet DuPont and other agendas seem to bank on a resource that could be controlled and monopolized. Big potential and money in it for the pioneers

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