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I like this girl, even if she is a lesbian vampire.


  1. Smarmy woman shoots dumb fish in a barrel. Woopee.

    What is this Imperial visit actually costing anyway? Last I heard the Whitehouse wouldn’t say. Whatever the real figures are, I’m certain they would be absurdly high and monumentally wasteful.

  2. @Jbob: Kind of matters when it’s a sitting senator that’s one of those dumb fish.

    What should a diplomatic mission to one of the fastest growing economies in the world cost? Considering how dependent our economy has become on the Indian market, and how trade relations seem to depend on diplomatic ties (like finalizing the US’s endorsement for India on the UN security council). Funny, but it would seem that traveling abroad as representative of the US and doing the whole ‘diplomacy’ thing is kind of part of the whole job of being president.

    There are plenty of things to be pissed at the White House for (HAMP for example), but the trip to India isn’t one of them.

    Or am I’m simply being smarmy and shooting a dumb fish in a barrel here?

  3. If you’ve committed so many wanton acts of aggression, slaughtered so many innocents, invaded so many countries, and perpetuated so many wars that you have to spend millions and millions on a security entourage to make your visit safe, then maybe you should just do it over email instead.

  4. I’d suggest the cost would be that of air force one and enough staff to fill it, plus fuel of course. Hardly a military operation.

  5. According to Polish newspaper I read yesterday, the cost of Obama’s visit to India is 50 million USD in total. It’s still a lot, but it’s not 200 million per day, as reported in some US media. Oh, well, perhaps one day Barack Obama will discover Skype…

  6. Isn’t it curious how the actual issue here (false beliefs no longer get debunked as they did) immediately got narrowed down in the discussion to “how much did Obama’s visit to India cost” just because one particular reader seemingly disliked having discovered he fell into the trap of believing funny things…

  7. If only we were all theoretical physicists. I heard somewhere on the internet that they have a near-monopoly on discerning truth.

  8. JBob,

    actually, quite a few of us sense the very real danger that arises when people have to believe things without seeing ways to check them. That’s why a number of us give courses on what one might call “intellectual self-defense”.

  9. Let me propose a new website for right wingers to get their news; Whackopedia! And I’ve seen Rachel walking around in the sunlight, albeit on television, so how could she be a vampire?

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