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Social Indoctrination and Geoengineering

by Peter Greg

A friend shared this video series (at bottom) with me, and I thought it was one of the most brilliant and impactful summaries of the madness of social indoctrination and control in our materialistic culture, and some effective solutions to deal with it. Yes some may deem it controversial, but as the famous author George Orwell aptly put it "In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

And I will pre-empt this article with a gentle challenge: If these words bring up anger or negative emotions, or even accusations of being a ‘conspiracy theorist’, I ask you, are 262 million killed in the last 100 years (Google ‘democide’) not enough to show the utter madness of this collective path of materialism and consumerism we walk on?

By understanding that the current structures of consumerism and destruction of the planet are run through foisting certain thoughts, ideas and belief systems upon us, we can effectively counter these ideas when they are directed at ourselves or our children, and choose to live out of harmonious and healthy realities and beliefs instead.

Part of the biggest challenges I believe we face as members of the community, who sincerely desire positive change and harmony for our environment and our culture, is that these programs and conditioning of control, have hypnotized the majority of the population to be, as the Dalai Llama puts it, "passive observers" and to be out of touch with reality in such a way that they cannot recognize the grave danger, that we not only face collectively, but for ourselves and our families too. And so the support for the ‘directors’ and ‘real politik’ of the ‘status quo’ of this giant grinding wheel of annihilation continues! What we are facing here is a war of ideas and images

In the not too distant future, will our future generations marvel and be stupified at what could only be described as a slow and steady march into utter insanity and hell? Will they ponder the collective rejection of our natural world and an embrace of dead things and ideas of death? Will they wonder at how so many could choose to passively go along with the program, when it cost so much?

I am sure they will realize that only a powerful and entrancing form of hypnosis and imagery could have achieved such widespread hallucinations.

In these strange and troubled times, a thought keeps coming to me, that "truth is indeed stranger than fiction", and to me it seems a disturbing thing that the more I learn about the real wizards being this curtain of make-believe, the more disturbed I become at what appears to be the utter evil behind it.

I apologize if i have offended anyone, and it is only my sincere desire to see mankind choose a path towards happiness and harmony, vs the current paradigm of what i can only describe as a path of death and slavery, even if it is presented in attractive and glossy wrapping. I call these current paradigms of the ‘status quo’ the philosophy of death, and the more I learn about natural systems and structures, the more it seems our current systems and structures based on what is ‘normal’ working to the opposite.

Isn’t it time we realized both sides of the political game only seem to work to maintain this paradigm? Isn’t it time we really choose to step out of this limited ‘box’ of passivity the education system, the television, ‘authority figures’, and even many of our friends and peers would have us live out of? Isn’t it time we started to step way out of the box and really live out of authenticity and some semblance of sanity? What are the real honest to goodness no BS consequences of just going along with this destruction?

My question to you is, do you feel the box getting smaller or larger?

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  1. Peter, I agree with much of your post. I put the first part of the video series up, and will leave readers to find the rest on YouTube. I don’t embed them here, purely because the narrator has such a mix of truth and (in my view) error, I don’t want to promote him. He talks rightly about the need to take action, and to go along to council meetings and work for change, etc., but his basis for doing this is due to such things as ‘chemtrails’.

    On this site I intentionally don’t write about things I cannot prove to a reasonable degree. I try not to run off hearsay. This is one reason, I believe, why people keep reading and traffic grows. It’s important to base our discussions on facts, as if we’re wrong in one area, then people tend to write off anything else we might say, even if we’re right in those areas. I think taking a chemtrail discussion to a council meeting is an extremely bad idea. For more objective views on chemtrails, click here.

    Although rightly taking Monsanto to task, he brings up the fact people can’t save their seed because they’re ‘terminator seeds’. Actually, people can’t save their seed because they’re legally contracted not to when they become Monsanto customers. Terminator seeds were a technology Monsanto pledged not to use due to widespread dissatisfaction over it. See:

    His lack of examination on these things, just spouting stuff he’s heard, is a bit of a concern. If you’re going to go to a council meeting, you’ve gotta ensure you know what you’re talking about.

    The points about the need to stop sucking on the nipples of mainstream media, education and political rhetoric are all valid. I feel we need to make coherent arguments with factual, provable information, and leave out fringe elements more based on surmising than evidence.

    Essentially, I appreciated your post more than the video it introduces.

  2. Youre right – its getting smaller. I have a clear picture in my mind of ways i can live a different life that doesnt support these patterns which are designed to be self destructive. Working ‘for the paper’ which is actually digital number representing paper, which once represented gold – has kept me affixed to the internet, its information and my personal lack of action towards changing these situations.
    Id have been sitting at home dumping chemicals into my face day after day and reading the internet rather than act for change that is meaningful.
    The video covers some Very important points, rambles redundantly and uses a clip blaming youtube to fill video space.
    He said important things.
    Gotta go – stuff to do.

  3. Definitely smaller box. Great post and inspired me to watch the film.
    It has some valuable info amongst the makers fairly opinionated point (which I happen to agree with). Perhaps Max Igan should have done a bit more research on the ‘What are they spraying’ film and acquired a little more evidence on the ‘chemtrail’ issue before promoting it so strongly. I agree with Craig in that people do tend to write you off once you get something wrong. I am not convinced, however, that Max is completely wrong on the possibility that we may be being sprayed with something. The link for ‘objective views’ that Craig posted definitely offers some explanations but on the very same website and from the same author I found this link offering help in proving the chemtrail case and there is some evidence worthy of inspection.
    When I lived and worked in London I recall several days where you could see distinct lines in the sky that lasted all day and there would be a fine dust over everything. I dont know if it was my mind playing tricks but I never felt 100% on those days. Several of my friends also reported feeling unwell also so my mind is well and truly open to the possibility. I recommend people do their own investigation from several sources and make up their own minds. It is hard to comprehend the possibility of such an atrocity but if you look at the already proven and ‘accepted’ atrocities we live with every day its not so hard to fathom.

  4. I think well said Craig. I think c theorists flounder about in knowing how to respond to their fears and I always find coming to the Institute’s website is my way of cheering myself up with the good news, the solutions that are on offer, and not just the downright bad news.
    Much of the conspiracy movement tend to think of themselves as paleoconservative and believe in the right to bear arms and have an inherant distrust of govt. OK fine, but stocking up the pantry and investing in gold is not a real solution and it does get tiring when just about everything is a conspiracy. Mollison was inspired to work on permaculture after reading the Club of Rome’s report on the Limits to Resources back in 71. Well guess what? Conspiracists believe that The Club of Rome is at the very centre of new world order conspiracies! Would that therefore mean that Mollison is part of the conspiracy? Of course not! In fact getting back to my first point, Mollison in fact had a very healthy response to all of this madness and got on with living and is the very opposite of someone floundering about in constant fear.
    Alex Jones is one of the leading voices in the paleoconservative movement. He is like a paleocon shock jock. He often reminds me of the movie Network where the Network head lays down the law to the presenter played by Peter Finch. Finch realises that he has seen God and realises his role is to engender fear amongst the masses. The irony of the above video is that in condemning media fear, the conspiracists are playing the same role and offering few solutions. Alex Jones works for a radio network!
    I have noticed that many people caught up in conspiracies seem frozen into inaction and start believing all sorts of crackpot ideas like a saviour will come and rescue them all something.

  5. Hi Folks thanks for the interesting comments

    I agree Craig that we should run discussions off of facts, and in the context of the history of governments, as well as the documented case studies of experimentation/testing against the population, I think its important to cover different angles and be open-minded

    Conspiratorial topics can be controversial and sometimes contain errors, and perhaps this is the case because of the large volume of disinformation that is out there riding along with the truth. I find that the spirit and details of much of the information is right, in that the intent towards the people is malovelent and controlling, and the longer we collectively keep our heads buried in the sand as to this obvious fact and fail to take action on it, the longer we support a system that can eventually destroy us. The fact that terminator seeds have even been created is shocking enough

    Denver, our collective past shows that an intelligent and ‘sane’ mindset with these issues is to be open-minded as to their possibility, and to see how far the ‘rabbit-hole’ really goes. I will never accept that questioning the extremely violent and manipulative history of governments and their actions, is in any way ‘crazy’ or ‘insane’, and history proves the greatest insanity is to go along with the system and to have belief in it, as well as label those who actually investigate these crimes as ‘crazy’ or ‘conspiracy nuts’, which is a common tactic ive observed amongst servants of the status quo

    Here is an excellent article that backs up good references and information

    A search on chemtrails showed 14 results on
    and stated some good points including that the UK government admitted to spraying its citizens with deadly chemicals. This is only one documented case study amongst many. There is an established history of governments and the military executing deadly experiments and tests against the population, and there is a growing body of evidence, scientists and credible individuals fighting for answers on this topic.

    I feel certain conspiracies are an important ‘red pill’ for many to stop supporting their own enslavement, and their investigation was an important step for myself in waking up to reality. They are cold, hard truths that shatter the ‘noble lie’ that this fairytale construct is built on, and have an important place

    One method of control seems to be the term ‘divide and conquer’, and perhaps the really important step towards freedom is not necessarily debating whether or not governments have malovelent intents, but in working towards a harmonious permaculture future, rather than what we probably can all agree is a technocratic destructive-to-life paradigm

    JBob if we are all not part of the ownership and use of our country and our assets, than who is? With the ridiculous amount of money, resources and effort gone to wars and astronimical wastage by politicians, there certainly is more than enough resources for each Australian or westerner to have much more than the basic necessities covered and provided for, without all this eco-destroying unnecesary activity

    You make some good points Jason and perhaps we are so conditioned by the atrocities that somehow we think its normal, and it seems the human race is in denial about certain basic realities. For me its clear, the historical context of testing/experimentation is established and well documented, as well as a host of other references and information that is available for those who are open-minded and mature enough to investigate them. The grass is truly greener and more exciting on the other side, but when crossing the bridge it seem pretty scary. I can tell anyone with certainty, the lies that many commonly accepted structures in society seem to be built on are there to exploit and control, and knowing the truth on a given topic e.g. alternative health, can even save your life one day, as it did for me. The sooner we wake up to the paradigms of death, the more energy we can collectively shift towards the paradigms of life

  6. Hi Dean, I agree one of the great points about PRI is the positive news and solutions that are on offer, and I feel this is vital when discussing the ‘bad news’ and providing a balanced view. Im unsure why you feel having a portion of one’s wealth in real money, ( reference: gold and silver coin in Australian constitution ) to counter the out of conrol money printing and inflation, or why stocking up our pantries is not a true or real solution. Look at how much silver has shot up recently, and im pretty sure its going to be a long term protector of wealth. Who is looking at all currencies as they devalue compared to physical ‘real’ wealth e.g. gold? Its always good to have a back up plan just in case big changes/wars/societal collapse happens ( as it always has done through history ), and it is probably the case where the majority are shockingly unprepared. Look at how much the gold/silver price has moved since 2001

    I think in generalizing that conpiracy researchers believe everything is a conspiracy/club of rome is behind everything is a blanket general statement, as everyone is different. My intent with posting the above video was to emphasize the indoctrination rather than the geo-engineering/chemtrails. In my research I have found that the ‘noble lie’ has its tentacles in many things and it is all more evidence that adds up for me to move towards a permaculture lifestle. You would be absolutely shocked as an example, in how even our language has been perverted. Look up the Commonwealth Acts Interpretation Act, and you will see that the word ‘Person’ means an ‘artifical entity’, and has 6 different legal meanings!

    Bill Mollison is a fantastic example of a positive reaction to the problem, and by your own words it seems investigating a conspiracy moved him to wake up to the gobal reality or to take action. Bill in my view has a powerful and motivating way of communicating the problems with the environment and presenting innovation and new ideas as a solution, and by his fruits I feel pretty certain he is part of the solution not part of any conspiracy

    Overall I do not understand what seems like resentment aimed at a certain group of people who desire to know the truth about the world and educate others about the glaringly obvious dangers and problems. We live in conspiratorial times thats a fact, and would you prefer someone who accepts the spoonfed bs and continues to be just another ‘brick in the wall’? These are normal men and women who i would trust 10x over a politician who has sold out to internationalist interests. The majority it seems would prefer to trust their own worst enemies instead of their neighbour, and listen to the propaganda/social conditioning that seeks to label those who seek the truth and ask questions as ‘nuts’ and ‘crazies’

    I disagree with Alex Jones’ overly fear-based slant too, and had to reproach a friend who was posting too much of this kind of information without the solution. A general who keeps demoralizing his troops with how superior the enemies weapons’ are would be court marshalled and shamed, but at the same time its important to have a clear ‘map’ of the battlefield to see how to effectively deploy one’s resources, troops and efforts. This battlefield is predominantly one waged through ideas and belief systems AND conspiracies, and waking up to the real intent of those behind is one effective way to counter it. If all this destruction is the result of false programming, then surely deprogramming is a powerful tool to counter it. My sincere desire is to help the cause of freedom, and do whatever I can to fight and help destroy the images and ideas that create the matrix of slavery, which is immoral, illegal and very destructive.

    You make a very good point in that too much fear can freeze one in action, however Alex Jones has done a lot of positive work in waking the world up, which can only help to dismantle the mechanisms of exploitation, control and war

    I dont know anyone who believes that a saviour will rescue them. As for conspiracy theorists look around, the most destructive conspiracies and conspiracy theorists are those in the majority that keep paying taxes towards governments committing the worst crimes, voting for criminals and helping the world’s incremental slide into tyranny and war. As for crackpot ideas and being truly crazy, look at the mainstream status quo, where by logic, reason and the lessons of hisory, lies the worst of the worst. The rabbit hole branches off into many directions, but its up to each of us to be open minded enough to investigate. Truth is stranger than fiction, and I believe the pros far outway the cons of investigating beyond the neat ‘black and white’ package of the mainstream

  7. I can’t believe there are still some ppl that are defending the government and saying that there is no such thing and that what everyone is seeing are simply water vapor. That would be a totally plausible explanation if there wasn’t already leaked gov documents outlining how and why they are spraying chemtrails over the air (this does a pretty good job of explaining it.) It’s called the HAARP project, and is built on the concepts of radio frequency radiation that Tesla was getting into before he died/was killed. Apparently, what the planes are releasing are barium salts, which (with the help of microwave energy) can manipulate anything from the weather to varying life forms in the environment. This is also most likely the reason why certain species of birds and fish have been dying recently. If you see planes making a criss cross pattern or contrails that linger for half a day or so when in relatively dry environments, you’re most likely witnessing chemtrails being dispersed. I live in Tempe, AZ, where it’s extremely dry year around, and just last week there were two unmarked commercial airliners that were flying in a grid–type pattern. I took a few photos and submitted them to a conspiracy theory site (they’re at if you want to see them).

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