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Cecilia Macaulay at the 10th Australasian Permaculture Convergence

I had the honour of presenting the Worldwide Permaculture Network people and projects database to the 10th Australasian Permaculture Convergence (APC 10) with Geoff Lawton. During the breaks, coffee and cookie in hand, I met some really wonderful people.

I’d heard about the work of many of these people and felt like I already knew some of them yet I still didn’t know their story.

So in keeping with the theme of the people and projects database, I made a few films asking some of the people I met who they were and what their permaculture story was. Meet Cecilia Macaulay.


  1. That was so lovely and so inspiring. I am drawing a parallel here to the Bible where it says that “if you take care of the little things the bigger things will fall into place”. That is what we need to do take care of the “little things”. Those niggly bits where we keep putting things off or discarding those thoughts – but it is that thats important and crucial to our lives. How can we face the big challenges in life when we haven’t dealt with the ‘weeny things’?
    May God help us as we learn through his creation how everything is interdependent and we are dependent on everything and everyone around us. Thats why God made Eden so that we can learn so that we can leanr from the garden!!

  2. cecilia you are so straight forward and open that you will tell us everything we need to know before the seminar starts!
    world needs lots of open beautiful people shining
    the rest of us keep reading hoping that the ‘answers’ will pop out at us
    not sure about this business of putting stuff away though LOL

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