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How to Rid the World of GMOs

In this video interview, anti-GMO crusader Jeffrey Smith talks about how revelations of the scientific health risks directly associated with GMOs in 1998 caused sufficient public disgust and outrage to result in food retailers across Europe dumping GMOs from their product lineup in 1999 for fear of losing their customers. As retailers began to make this move, other retailers had to follow suit or risk being boycotted themselves.

Public disgust with GMOs effectively and efficiently erected a European-wide barrier to the likes of Monsanto.

Jeffrey Smith estimates it only takes five percent of us to influence food retailers – and the good news is we easily have more than this percentage of anti-GMO individuals, as evidenced by the percentage of public who already purchase organic over conventional products. We just need these people to go one step further than just saying "I buy organic wherever possible" to add an extra caveat – "I buy organic wherever possible, but if I must buy conventional, I make sure it’s non GMO." Getting that message across to retailers will start a tidal wave of action to end the sale, and hence the development, of these ‘foods’.

We can do this! Watch the video to find out how.



  1. A useful thing to know about big food retailers is that due to the strong competition, and probably also some sociopsychological aspects(*), they operate at profit margins of as small as about 1%. Incidentally, that’s one of the reasons why they tend to also pay their own bills as late as possible: putting the money into the bank in the mean time – even just a couple of weeks – does make a noticeable difference to their profits.

    So, evidently, they will notice even just a small shift in customer behaviour quite strongly. That’s also the main reason why none of the big chains ever would take regional currency a la Berkshares.

    (*) Quite a number of people seem to see spending money on food a “necessary evil” which hence has to be reduced to a minimum – while not minding spending money on all sorts of far less relevant things. That’s why it’s so much easier to make money as an organic grower by growing flowers than vegetables.

  2. I spent a few hours hanging with Jeffery a few years ago at burning man!! He’s so awesome :) this is a great article, keep spreading the word everyone!!

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