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Small Scale Dairy Production Prevents Hunger, New FAO Report Shows

The global demand for milk increases by 15 million tons a year. This could provide three million new jobs in primary production each year, if these jobs are given to small scale milk farmers, writes the FAO, the UN organization for food and agriculture at their blog.

Making small scale producers competitive might be a powerful way to reduce poverty and strengthen food supplies in many developing countries, they say.
Today there are about 150 million small scale milk producing households – around 750 million people (or one in every nine on the planet) – and average livestock numbers for them is two cows, supplying around 11 liters of milk a day.

Download the report: Status and Prospects for Smallholder Milk Production – A Global Perspective.

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  1. The trouble is that these contracts will not go towards helping small farmers and creating all these jobs but will be given over to industrial scale “Super Dairies”. One such dairy is about to be built in Nocton, Lincolnshire in the UK; housing many thousands of cows in enormous sheds where these animals will spend Eleven months of the year. Just when you think the message about the evils of intensive factory farming is starting to get through. While there is money to be made and we live under this capitalist system the small farmer will not be allowed to succeed.The big supermarkets control the Milk market and do not allow farmers to make a decent living, forcing many out of buisines.
    Have a look at this news link for more information.

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