Weekly Linkfest – Edition 11

Welcome to round eleven of our (normally!) Weekly Linkfest, where we share the good, the bad, the ugly and the just plain interesting from what we’ve seen this week.

I would greatly appreciate readers getting involved in this weekly linkfest. Please email editor (at) with links (and ideally a summary sentence outlining the key point of each link) to noteworthy articles and news reports on the internet.

A big thank you to Øyvind for his contributions to this week’s linkfest!

Off we go:

Good News (coz we all need it):

Bad News (coz we need to understand the challenges if we’re to design our way out of them):

Just plain interesting or odd (coz we’re curious creatures):

Don’t forget to send me your links for next week’s linkfest!! – editor (at)


  1. Eddy GT Wind Turbine Is Sleek, Silent and Designed for the City (Very good news!):

    Oregano Reduces Cows’ Methane Emissions by 40%:

    New Biodiversity Theory Suggests Rain Forest Conservation May Fall Short: Saving ‘Edge’ Habitats May Be Key To Saving Rain Forest:

  2. – A rare Japanese flower named Paris japonica sports an astonishing 149 billion base pairs, making it 50 times the size of a human genome—and the largest genome ever found:

    – Chile’s Sala y Gómez Island Turned Into Huge Marine Preserve:

    – Fascinating New Species Found in Papua New Guinea:

    – Wool & Seaweed Makes Sustainable Brick Stronger:

    – Bird Declines Could Signal Coming Mass Extinctions:

    – What Happens When The Oil Runs Out (Video):

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