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Novella Carpenter’s Urban Farm

I haven’t read Farm City, but going by the book’s description and the very cool activities, and nature, of its author, Novella Carpenter, I’m going to guess It’d be an excellent read.

Watch the video to see what I mean. Novella’s west Oakland urban farm is an oasis of sanity in a rather interesting neighbourhood. Indeed… it’s an oasis of sanity in a rather interesting world.


  1. I have read her book and it’s very good. She’s got a flare for describing what she’s doing in a way that is very human and hands on. She doesn’t sugar coat it at all.

  2. Awesome, well done, appeared to be a harsh environment.
    Would love to hear more the practicals such as, watering, and dealing with lead pollution in the air. Thankyou jO

  3. She’s my hero! I like how she points out that her neighbors all come from countries where this kind of thing is common… and yet, it’s so UNcommon here in the States that her modest example of urban farming is something rather daring and extraordinary. I can’t wait until this becomes commonplace in cities all over the world!

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