Interview with Jesse Lemieux, Who is Soon to Teach at Zaytuna!

I had an amazing chat to Jesse Lemieux today and luckily… I recorded it!

Jesse is farm-sitting Zaytuna while Geoff’s away and also teaching a PDC there starting on November 21st. With such big shoes to fill I thought I’d pick his brain on all things permaculture to see if he’s up to it.

We talked about the newly launched PRI Canada and the permaculture explosion in the region, his background, being taught by Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton, his experience teaching, the perils of temperate gardening in the extreme arid conditions in Jordan, and where he thinks Permaculture is heading over the next 60 years.

Just chatting to him for that short time I already feel like I’ve known him for years and I’m certain he’s up to the job. Have a listen. Click play below:

Interview with Jesse Lemieux




  1. jesse is a great teacher and designer. i took my PDC with him here in canada this spring. if you have a chance to take a course with him at zaytuna in november or milkwood in february, please do!! you won’t regret it!!

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