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Fined Nearly $5,000 for Growing Too Many Vegetables

I think soon, around about now actually, local councils will need to be looking at public spaces in a new light – rather than using it for pavements, ornamentals and fountains, grass verges, parks and unused lots will have to be turned into community gardens and permaculture demonstration sites.

Whilst approval for this concept might not be in the minutes of most local council meetings as yet, one particular council in the U.S. is not even close to such an epiphany:

I’d encourage people in the U.S. south east to hammer the point home to the DeKalb County officials – we need to transition to relocalised polycultures, or we’re all screwed…. Steve Miller’s stand, if overwhelmingly supported, could become a great opportunity to educate the local council on issues that matter.

Go Steve!


  1. I wonder if it’s allowable to point out that this travesty would never have happened if property rights were simply respected. And that if such rights were respected then we wouldn’t need to go into phase II of this debacle: organize “our team” against “their team” and waste a lot of time in a shouting/voting match.

  2. You can’t help yourself can you JBob. How many times must we go around and around, and how much time of mine will you take? You keep making simplistic statements – throwing them out there for the uninitiated to be influenced by, but repeatedly refusing to give us a more in depth view of what you, in real tangible terms, want to actually see happen in the next few years: a game plan, and what you project the results of this game plan would be. As such, I feel the obligation to keep ensuring people have a balancing view on your approach – these people need to realise it’s not as simple as you make out, and that to ignore this will set us up for some major problems. I’m juggling many tasks at the moment and don’t need this, to keep taking time on this duty:

    There is of course truth to what you’re saying JBob. Just it’s a little more complicated than that, as I’ve expressed to you repeatedly.

    Repeating your canned statements does not illuminate us any more about creating a real, tangible, doable game plan we can all consider, one that is not so simplistic but well thought through – taking into account all the other implications of blanket privatisation, like water control, atmosphere rights, wildlife protection, land monopolisation, genetic engineering (the ‘ultimate privatisation’), etc. etc. etc.

    Please spell it out in full, or quit this. As they say in the US – put up, or….

  3. JBob,

    “I wonder if it’s allowable to point out that this travesty would never have happened if property rights were simply respected.”

    Yeah. Then it would be an Indian managing that piece of land, wouldn’t it?

  4. How can the veracity of my statement be disputed? Had the this man been left alone to use his property as he saw fit, while harming no one else, he would have been allowed to hire whomever he pleased to grow as many vegetables as he wanted. Undoubtedly a good outcome in the eyes of permaculturalists.

  5. Its time to put these agressors on the defensive, all it takes is a bit of comprehension of laws and the constitution, which these county workers are excessively violating. Fining someone for growing veges is like imposing a breathing license, so at the least i can see the county is committing the crime of imposing slavery and involuntary servitude, assaulting this man, trespass, acting corruptly, acting outside their scope of office, breaching the peace, creating a frivolous claim, etc etc

    Its much more efficient to shift the paradigm than to be on the defensive for such silly things. If people get sucked into something so ridiculous our energy will be wasted on 1000 trivial things vs real productivity

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