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An Index for a Permacultural World

We have the world’s best product to sell, a holistic life. Still, it’s not for sale, it’s for free. This is of course good news, because it means it’s achievable for everyone. But there is a catch too, because when something is for free, there is no money to earn in selling it (although some still try). This is why the multinational companies don’t use a single dollar from their billions of dollars spent on marketing every year, on selling the world’s best product. So here your help is desperately needed, in becoming a living marketer for the holistic life of permaculture. Let’s become professional marketers of permaculture. Let’s make people feel “greedy” to enter “the life zone” of permaculture. Let’s make our governments feel “greedy” to enter the top of the Happy Planet Index!

See this video with Nic Marks from TED Global and get inspired:


  1. Where do I sign up for “Abolish the Military?”

    At a community hall near you, where you and your neighbourhood/locality conjure and push for participatory democracy to pervade society in positive ways, with the aim/destination being that we the people end up calling the shots, not a few individiauls in centralised industry and government.

  2. I think we better start with deprogramming the quasi-religious worship of flag and empire first, otherwise “we the people” would probably vote to keep the army.

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