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GMOs: Jeffrey Smith Interview and More

This video is longish, at almost an hour, but it’s a great candid interview by Alex Bogusky with anti-GMO hero Jeffrey Smith, with lots of shocking information that you need to know about GMOs. If you can, take the time to listen and digest.

From YouTube:

International best-selling author Jeffrey M Smith (Seeds of Deception, GMO Trilogy, and Genetic Roulette), joins Alex Bogusky & his dad Bill, for a sobering conversation about America’s food supply. What regulations are in place to protect you and your family? The answers will shock you. And hopefully, will make you rethink your choices as a consumer.

And, for good measure, watch a two part video specifically on the health dangers of GMOs:

Part I

Part II

See our GMO category for more articles and videos from Jeffrey Smith, myself, and others on the dangers and absurdities of profit-based monocrop agriculture gone way too far.

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