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Would You Like to See a NSW Convergence?

Dear NSW Permaculturalists,

For some time now Permies in NSW have been talking about having a regular NSW Permaculture gathering. The discussion has been gathering momentum lately and many of us feel it’s time to organize the first such event.

The idea is to hold a state convergence late next year on the August long weekend – Friday 30th July to Monday 1st August 2011 – at a desirable live-in venue. Permaculture Sydney (representing Pc Sydney North, Pc Sydney South and Pc Sydney West) has agreed to host the first event in Sydney.

At this stage Permaculture Sydney would like to hear from Permies and representatives of local Permaculture groups across NSW about: a) Support for the convergence b) What you would like to see happen at the first State Permaculture convergence and c) If and how you would like to present or be involved in some way.

A State convergence provides many personal, social and professional opportunities:

  • Greater access and participation of groups and individuals occurs at a local level. Many permies can’t make national convergences due to distance, cost or ethical environmental considerations but could make a local convergence (especially if they can get there by train)
  • Networking and communication at a local level. Many groups and projects are happening now across Sydney and NSW and we rarely seem to connect or know what we are all doing
  • A state forum provides a sharper focus on state issues and policies many of which are extremely relevant to our Permaculture lifestyle, work or activities. This could enable greater Permaculture advocacy and development of solutions to many of our issues. It could also provide the forum from which to form a collective body for NSW Permaculture
  • Learning and educational opportunities are also obvious benefits from such gatherings. We all learn so much from each other and in a secure environment amongst fellow comrades and friends we can become more informed and strengthen our knowledge in the process
  • Needed help and support can be sought and systems developed at such gatherings which sometimes makes the difference between success or failure. There is much that can be shared between us – information, resources and practical help, saving energy, time and work and instead of re-inventing the wheel
  • Promotional and income opportunities for your group or business also flow on from convergences. Memberships to local groups, participants for courses, sales of products and services are all achieved
  • Celebration of our successes and failures is also essential for the whole movement
  • Greater solidarity, co-operation and co-ordination of the Pc movement
  • Socialising and fun with fellow permies. This could lead to all sorts of things.

Ideas of topics discussed so far for the State convergence include:

  • Permaculture Projects across NSW: General sharing and information of projects happening across the State, successes and failures
  • Education: NSW Education and Permaculture opportunities
  • Advocacy: NSW Issues and Government Policies affecting Permaculture
  • Fundraising: NSW Grants and funding opportunities for NSW Permaculture
  • Community Development: Development of Local Pc Groups across NSW
  • Communication: Development of Networks and communication systems between local groups and individuals across NSW e.g.: A NSW newsletter, website
  • Promotion and Marketing: Learning how, ideas, possibilities, strategies and examples
  • Business and Livelihood: Creating Permaculture jobs and business. Relationships and cooperation between Permaculture Businesses and Local Permaculture groups
  • Development of a representative body for NSW Permaculture

Comment below before November 2010, with ideas of what you would like to see happen at NSW PC1. If you can assist with sponsorship for this event please also let us know. Further details of the event and sponsorship will be posted in the near future. Please forward a link to this page to any local Permaculture groups or people that might be interested.


Penny Pyett: pennypyett (at) or (02) 9888 2575
For Permaculture Sydney


  1. I live in south Sydney, and I would like to be involved into the event. Please contact me if there is anything that I can do.

  2. What would I like to see at a NSW PC1? A *MASSIVE* seed and plant material swap. These days I’m mostly interested in implementing permaculture, and sourcing many of the useful plants I read or hear about is expensive – if even possible!

    (ps. Hi Penny!)

  3. This sounds great.

    I would like to see our proposed Food Garden Blitz web system up and running by then, and use the event to publicise and train people in it.

    We can build a generic system that could be tailored for each location (do you need to be a member of club or not, number of days of help needed to get a free Blitz, backyard or community garden – may need restrictions on whether a community is already formed, tank water etc).

    The system that is being designed by VEG’s Adam Grubb with PHR templates and will soon have a detailed design and costing (already has the backing of 2 other permaculture groups), will
    1. Ask you if you would like to pay and start now, or wait for a Volunteer effort after you accumulate enough hours helping with other Blitzes,
    2. Register your place to have a Blitz,
    3. Get the garden designed by 3 PDCers (after site visit, reqmts gathering),
    4. Set a date for the Blitz
    5. Call for Volunteers, giving priority to locals and capping the number to suit the yard size,
    6. Invite the successful Volunteers with the address
    7. Track the hours worked (to credit them towards your Blitz), and
    8. Maybe even schedule other items (eg. grass-roots second-hand bicycle hire schemes)

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