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Ring a Mate

Australian Permaculture Conference, September 2010.

Time to get on the Bat Phone!

Certainly this world class event has attracted a fantastic involvement with extraordinary presenters bringing cutting edge information, not to mention the inspiration that will come with them.

Attending delegates themselves are working in the field on projects at home and abroad and have brilliant tales to tell – success, challenges, stories and experiences that barely leave a stone unturned.

I am encouraged by a holistic view of the Australian Permaculture Convergence, inspired by the ANZAC spirit of being Australian: Mate-ship, A fair Go and Having a Go

Cutting edge design technology, etc., aside, it is the mateship that draws me to the convergence. To sit and have a cuppa, a meal or a beer with someone you have just met or a colleague of 30 years adds a load of power to the experience. You will never know who you are going to meet as people from all walks of life can be found there.

I was fortunate to catch a chat with Bill Mollison at APC9 in Sydney. We talked about hunting rabbits and little things that didn’t matter that much. Bloody fantastic for us both. At dinner one night sitting with Graham & Maree Brookman from the Food Forest in South Australia we shared a yarn and their farm fresh pistachios.

I rang a few mates just a week or two before the last convergence APC9. Two of them Peter Cumming and Max Lindegger long time Permaculture professionals and mates of mine had either not planned to come or had been very busy and hadn’t thought about it all that much. Well they came, had a lot of fun and ended up contributing by leading a workshop and delivering a presentation. Great things happen just like that.

Even if you can’t make it for some reason, ring a mate anyway. They might just attend because of your call and bring you the action to catch up with later.

So Ring a Mate

Hope to See You There
HooRoo (thanks Darren, very Australian)


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